Hello all,

We are beginning to implement the Puppetlabs-firewall module and have not
been able to implement a final LOG, DROP rule (our standard policy is LOG
and DROP everything which isn't explicitly allowed IN or OUT) in post.pp.
Has anyone been able to implement a post.pp which does a LOG and DROP?

We do something similar to this:
# Chain:
:droplog - [0:0]

  # Last INPUT rule
  -A INPUT -i eth0 -j droplog
  # Last OUTPUT rule
  -A OUTPUT -o eth0 -j droplog

  # LOG packets, then DROP.
  -A droplog -m limit --limit 10/min -j LOG --log-prefix "dropped "
  -A droplog -j DROP

From what I've read, and tried, it does not seem possible since you can not
combine an 'action' and a 'jump'. And you only redefine the policy for
built-in chains (INBOUND, FORWARD, OUTBOUND, ....) So I can't write a
custom firewallchain which has a default policy of drop.

To me this should work but it doesn't because the default action is
'accept' .. it never hits 999
class firewall::post {
     firewallchain {'droplog:filter:IPv4': ensure => 'present', }

     firewall { '997 fwd to droplog': proto => 'all', jump => 'droplog',
before => undef, }~>
     firewall { '998 droplog': chain => 'droplog', jump => 'LOG', log_prefix
=> 'dropped ', before => undef, }~>
     firewall { '999 Default Drop': chain => 'droplog', action => 'drop',
before => undef, }


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