Hello puppet users,

I have recently started dabbling in custom types and providers in order to
solve some problems at work. I now find myself needing to have 2 custom
providers that leverage a common function to fetch data from a web service
and I very much do not want to have 2 copies of this function in my code
base. I'd like to hear how others have addressed this kind of problem, and
I'm certainly amenable to alternatives if there's a better way than the

Here is what I'm trying to do and the constraints I cannot currently get

1) I am dynamically configuring nginx virtual hosts and adding lines to
/etc/hosts for internal routing (cloud hosted boxes all have external ip's
and I need the various names we support to resolve to internal ip's of the
load balancer)

2) The data I need for this configuration (fqdn's, certs, and keys) cannot
be determined on the puppet master because the data source is a web service
(delivers a json array) I install and configure and must be running on the
node before I can query it.

I already have the custom nginx provider written and working to configure
the virtual hosts, but I also need the fqdn's available from the same web
service and I would like to reuse the function that fetches and parses the
json from the web service. This second custom provider will be responsible
for adding the appropriate lines to /etc/hosts to handle my internal
routing problem.


1) Is there a good way to have an arbitrary ruby module and function that I
can require in both of my providers? I'm reasonably good with ruby, but
we're not a ruby shop and I'd rather not have to get into packaging and
managing gems for the purpose of sharing a 20 line function in 2 places.

2) Is there a way for custom providers to return data to a manifest? I'd
rather use the file_line resource to handle my /etc/hosts needs, but I
don't know of a means of returning data from a resource declaration (which
would be my existing custom type using the nginx provider) that I could use
in another resource.

3) Is there a way I can pass arguments to an executable fact? I don't know
of one, but I suppose I could set environments variables (i.e. things like
the web service host, port, user, password, etc...) provided that
executable facts run each time they are referenced in a manifest?

Thanks for any input.

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