Forgive me for combining questions, but I'm looking at two options for
solving a problem and I'm not sure which one is best, or the exact syntax
for either one.

First, I'm wondering if it's possible to set tags for resources create with
hiera and create_resources. The first stab I took at syntax looked
something like this:

-- hieradata/common.yaml
             - admin
             - backups

-- users/manifests/init.pp
    $all_users = hiera_hash('users')
    create_resources(@user, $all_users)

-- users/manifests/admin.pp
    User <| tag == 'admin' |>

This is complicated a bit by bug #20972 and the fact that I'm actually
using a custom defined type and a wrapper around it in place of @user, but
the above should illustrate what I'm trying to do. Once I know if it's
possible and how to make it happen, I can sort out the complications of a
wrapper type around the final resource.

Failing that, I'm looking at passing a list of users to a resource
collector like so:

-- hieradata/common.yaml
       - bob
       - joe

-- users/manifests/admin.pp
    $admin_users = hiera_array('adminusers')
    User <| title == $admin_users |>

I also tried 'title in $admin_users' but that didn't work either.

Is there a way to accomplish either of these approaches?

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