I was trying to set up gitlab using this module
(https://github.com/sbadia/puppet-gitlab) with some modification to work
with RVM and RHEL 6. I got everything working except the gitlab service
wouldn't start.

The service is defined as:
service {
ensure => running,
pattern => 'puma',
hasrestart => true,
enable => true,
hasstatus => false,
subscribe => File['/etc/init.d/gitlab'],

The related output from agent with debug enabled:
Debug: Service[gitlab](provider=redhat): Executing 'ps -ef'
Debug: Executing '/sbin/chkconfig gitlab'
Debug: Executing '/sbin/service gitlab start'
Debug: Executing '/sbin/chkconfig gitlab'
Notice: /Stage[main]/Gitlab::Server/Service[gitlab]/ensure: ensure changed
'stopped' to 'running'
Debug: /Stage[main]/Gitlab::Server/Service[gitlab]: The container
Class[Gitlab::Server] will propagate my refresh even
Info: /Stage[main]/Gitlab::Server/Service[gitlab]: Unscheduling refresh on
Debug: Class[Gitlab::Server]: The container Stage[main] will propagate my
refresh event
Debug: Finishing transaction 70257873749220

It seems the /sbin/service gitlab start got executed. But the service is
not started (no entries in log either). However, if I manually run service
gitlab start, it works fine.

I noticed that there is a line saying "Unscheduling refresh on
Service[gitlab]". Not sure why and if it has anything to do with it. Any
advice? Thanks.


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