Long term we plan to use LDAP or AD, but in the mean time we are
considering to use puppet.
Most machines only have 3 to 6 users (admins and developers).

My thought was to fully manage new machines and to use puppet to be able to
disable existing users in pre-existing machines.
Is that a reasonable approach or is it best to do the work get user
management for now completely under puppet?

I found an "adduser" function so I was planning.
adduser user-1
adduser user-n

for the "fully" managed
The adduser would look like
name => "First Last",
uid => "1000",
password => 'Password-hash',
shell => "/bin/bash",
groups => ['sudo'],
sshkeytype => "ssh-dss",
sshkey => "ssh-key"}

For the "partially" managed was thinking of using a subset of that, but
when I tried to put the adduser calls in a second base node got an error
about Duplicate declaration.

The adduser function I am using:
--------------- adduser --------------
define adduser ($name, $uid, $password, $shell, $groups, $sshkeytype,

$homedir = $kernel ? {
   'SunOS' => '/export/home',
   default => '/home'

  $username = $title
  user { $username:
   comment => "$name",
   home => "$homedir/$username",
   shell => "$shell",
   uid => $uid,
   gid => $uid,
   managehome => 'true',
   password => "$password",
   groups => $groups

  group { $username:
   gid => "$uid"

  ssh_authorized_key{ $username:
   user => "$username",
   ensure => present,
   type => "$sshkeytype",
   key => "$sshkey",
   name => "$username"
--------------- adduser --------------

The base node
node base-web
   include ubuntu-openntpd
   import "../functions/adduser.pp"

adduser {user1:
name => "first last",
uid => "1000",
password => 'pass-hash',
shell => "/bin/bash",
groups => ['sudo'],
sshkeytype => "ssh-dss",
sshkey => "key"

adduser {user-n:
name => "first last",
uid => "10##", <--whatever end number
password => 'pass-hash',
shell => "/bin/bash",
groups => ['sudo'],
sshkeytype => "ssh-dss",
sshkey => "key"

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