I'm having a problem with a pypi package/the pip provider.

The package name is riak_pb https://pypi.python.org/pypi/riak_pb/.

The problem I'm having is puppet keeps installing/upgrading the package
every run. I suspect it has something to do with the hyphen/underscore.

I have also tried changing the riak_pb package name in the init.pp to
riak-pb. The pypi API doesn't return a version resulting in a nil/null
value for puppet, so it re-installs again.

Here are some relevant details.

Thanks for any help.

puppetclent ~# puppet agent --server=puppet --waitforcert 5 --test --debug
Debug: Executing '/usr/local/bin/pip install -q --upgrade riak_pb'
Notice: /Stage[main]/Mapreduce/Package[riak_pb]/ensure: created
Debug: /Stage[main]/Mapreduce/Package[riak_pb]: The container
Class[Mapreduce] will propagate my refresh event

puppetcilent ~# pip freeze | egrep riak.pb

puppetclient ~# cat
grep Name
Name: riak-pb

puppetserver ~# cat init.pp
     $required_pip_packages = [

     package { $required_pip_packages:
         ensure => latest,
         provider => pip,
         require => Package[$required_deb_packages],

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