I've got a puppet 2.6 deployment (w. passenger) with mcollective 1.0
sprinkled in,
happily managing about 200 centos/rhel nodes. Recently we added Foreman 1.1
in just to
get a reporting dashboard.

We never used storeconfigs (didn't want to throw a DB into the mix as we
it out) and it's starting to show cracks - not in performance, just in
(lots of 'module::settings::shared_between_2_modules' and so on, just to
state between nodes). hiera is helping a lot there, though we're using a
old version i added in by hand.

What I'd like to do this summer is get us up to puppet 3.x , uplift
mcollective and
look at PuppetDB in there too (mainly to share facts etc. outside the
puppet admin
team; we have a homegrown inventory CRUD webapp that essentially duplicates
the information we already have in puppet, mainly because we don't have an
way to expose it).

My reading suggests it's worth going to puppet 3 first (fresh puppetmaster,
copy over
/etc/puppet and SSL bits and bobs, migrate nodes to test and eventually
flip DNS
for puppet.ourthing.com over). Then mcollective, then add in puppetdb later

The only other fly in the ointment is we currently get
puppet from EPEL and so need to start mirroring the puppetlabs repos I

Does this sound sane-ish? Or would people recommend trying a 2.7 stepping
first? My main worry is the scoping changes in 3.x, since without
storeconfigs we have
a lot of globals flying around...

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