I'm currently currently looking at deploying puppet using multiple masters
in a 'stateless' manner (dedicated ca_server, multiple masters with SRV
based access, git based config deploys, no puppetdb - for now at least).

The deployment essentially partitions into 3 regions - each with a
srv_domain - and has multiple sites under each region. For the most part
this works perfectly with multiple SRV records weighted accordingly,
however for devices that can migrate between regions (such as laptops) I
still haven't found a good solution to keep access local.

Based upon the /16 network a device resides in I can tell which region it
is suppose to go to, as each site has a specific ip block routed to it.

So here's the question - is it possible to monkey patch puppet agent (via a
plugin or such - I don't want to ship a fork of the code to clients) to
dynamically lookup srv_domain during a run?

I know it's possible to do this via logic in puppet and write out the
config via a template - something I'm doing for the rest of the file. The
downside to this is puppet will complete an entire run before it switches
to its local region - any options around forcing that change first and
cleanly exiting/re-running I'd be happy to investigate.

Due to external limitations (such as running your internal DNS on AD
integrated windows servers) I can't do site/region specific DNS entries, so
really need to keep this logic in puppet.

Any thoughts on how to accomplish this would be hugely appreciated! :)

- Damian

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