Dear all,

I am new to puppet and running into some issues with making Puppet run
after a new installation. Will appreciate if some one knows what could be
the problem which I am facing?

I have a puppet master and 2 agent nodes. When I click on live management
--> Managed resources, it does not shows me any packages, users or groups.
When I click on packages it shows me that there are 0 packages installed.
But where as there are any may packages installed as part of my setup. When
I click on Control Puppet it just hangs. The advanced task also does not
shows me any thing.

I have tested the connectivity between agents and puppet master and test
works fine. I read the following link earlier
https://puppetlabs.com/puppet-enterprise-hotfixes-2-8-0/ and tried to
install the hotfix. But for some reason I am not even able to add a class
from the console. When I click Create it just sits there for ages and does
not performs any action.

I have verified most of the basic setups and also the connectivity but
don't feel its a problem. Has any one faced any such issues with Puppet
before, if so then what is the possible fix for it?


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