We're pleased to announce the release of the stdlib module at version 4.0.1
[1]. Please keep in mind stdlib 2 is compatible with Puppet 2.6 and 2.7
while stdlib 3 is compatible with Puppet 2.7
and 3. Version 4 drops support for Ruby 1.8.5 and Puppet 2.7 and maintains
compatibility with Puppet 3.

[1] http://forge.puppetlabs.com/puppetlabs/stdlib<http://forge.puppetlabs.com/puppetlabs/stdlib/3.2.0>

The module may be installed from the Forge using the puppet-module tool:

puppet module install puppetlabs-stdlib

Thank you to the following contributors.

Erik Dalén
* Add a count function (f28550e)

Amos Shapira
* (#19998) Implement any2array (7a2fb80)

Steve Huff
* Enable num2bool to accept numeric input (e6916f8)

Erik Dalén
* Allow comparisons of Numeric and number as String (ff5dd5d)

Richard Soderberg
* prefix: fix doc typo Examles -> Examples (a83318d)

Richard Soderberg
* add suffix function to accompany the prefix function (88a93ac)

Kristof Willaert
* Add floor function implementation and unit tests (0527341)

Eric Shamow
* (#13610) Add is_function_available to stdlib (961dcab)

Justin Lambert
* str2bool should return a boolean if called with a boolean (5d5a4d4)

Uwe Stuehler
* Fix number of arguments check in flatten() (5a11279)

Uwe Stuehler
* Fix number of arguments check in flatten() (e80207b)

Jeff McCune
* Add contributing document (96e19d0)

Raphaël Pinson
* Add missing documentation for validate_augeas and validate_cmd to
README.markdown (a1510a1)

Jeff McCune
* (maint) Add Ruby 2.0.0 to Travis build matrix (03c5c4a)

Martin Hellmich
* changed .count to .size to support legacy ruby (9fa70ae)

Joshua Hoblitt
* (#19272) Add has_element() function (95cf3fe)

* (#19201) Add concat function to join two arrays (3cef5d9)

Raphaël Pinson
* validate_cmd(): Use Puppet::Util::Execution.execute when available

Raphaël Pinson
* validate_cmd: Use Puppet::Util.execute (683ac8f)

Raphaël Pinson
* Add an URL to a doc on how to activate augeas in puppet (c5f0309)

Raphaël Pinson
* validate_augeas: requires augeas (35f9a01)

Raphaël Pinson
* validate_augeas: Ensure tmpfile is closed and unlinked (d568c4e)

Raphaël Pinson
* validate_augeas: Ensure augeas handler gets closed (41bc722)

Raphaël Pinson
* Add validate_augeas function (3a97c23)

Raphaël Pinson
* validate_cmd: Make sure tmpfile is always closed and unlinked (bda25ac)

Raphaël Pinson
* Add validate_cmd function (6902cc5)

David Schmitt
* Add geppetto project definition (b3fc0a3)

Jaka Hudoklin
* Add getparam function to get defined resource parameters (20e0e07)

* Add test/validation for is_float if created from an arithmetical
operation (a773281)

* Add test/validation for is_integer if created from an arithmetical
operation (b86f5dc)

* Add test/validation for is_numeric if created from an arithmetical
operation (190b943)

Jeff McCune
* Clarify that stdlib 3 supports Puppet 3 (3a6085f)

Erik Dalén
* maint: style guideline fixes (7742e5f)

James Fryman
* puppet-lint cleanup (88acc52)

Joe Julian
* Add function, uriescape, to URI.escape strings. Redmine #17459 (fd52b8d)

-Jeff McCune

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