Hi all,

I use openldap and it's newer slapd.d style of housing the configuration
(as opposed to /etc/openldap/slapd.conf ).

As such, to modify the config, the database itself, I'd prefer to use
ldapmodify and ldapadd commands.

I couldn't find an existing ldap provider to nicely manage database entries
(DNs), so I wrote one.

It essentially does this:

- Translate the puppet "ldapdn" resource into an in-memory ldif
- ldapsearch the existing dn to verify the current contents (if any)
- compare the results of the search with what should be the case
- work out which add/modify/delete commands are required to get to the
desired state
- write out an appropriate ldif file
- execute it via an ldapmodify statement.

It's in it's infancy, but feel free to have a look

https://github.com/gtmtechltd/puppet_ldapdn - bit.ly/16wzHVp <http://t.co/mTYD1zFDbL>

Hope this is useful to someone, I will add more to it when I can.



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