Hi people,

I know this is a bit obscure, but I'm trying to make a puppet manifest for
growl-fork for Boxen.

So far it's installing fine with this:

class growl_fork {
package { 'Growl Fork':
source =>
provider => 'pkgdmg'

However, I'd also like to install the growl-notify pkg from the dmg as
well, which is in the 'Extras' folder on the dmg.

Looking at the puppet documentation for pkgdmg:
'Any number of pkg or mpkg files may exist in the root directory of the DMG
file system. Subdirectories are not checked for packages. See the wiki docs
on this provider<http://projects.puppetlabs.com/projects/puppet/wiki/Package_Management_With_Dmg_Patterns> for
more detail.' and 'this provider will install all packages in the root
directory of this file system'

Is there any way to overwrite this behaviour or change it, and install all
pkgs from the dmg not just in root? For now I've created a new pkgdmg with
just the one file in it.


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