I'm working with Foreman 1.1RC4 on CentOS 6.3 and a PostgreSQL 9.1.7

I'm noticing that our Windows agents will report with a hostname that is
uppercase (which it is on the agent), which show up fine in the Foreman GUI
and the PSQL DB.
The puppet certname in lowercase, of course.

When a user clicks on the hostname in the GUI, it throws a "Host not found"
page. e.g. http://foreman:3000/hosts/1OFOURSERVERS.domain.tld
If you then add a '/facts' in the above URL, it goes through successfully
to the hosts' facts page. This also works with '/audits' and '/reports'.

I have also removed the uppercased host, renamed the Windows servers to a
lowercase name and it all works okay. We just can't do this manual process
for each of our three hundred machines.

Can anyone help me with a workaround or help fix this bug?


p.s. Apologizes for the xpost from the foreman users group.

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