Hi there,

Can anyone please tell me (or explain) what's I'm doing wrong here:

Have the Nagios module installed and this is a Nagios check, where I'm
facing the problem.

nagios_service { "check_dns_${::my_cname}":
use => 'generic-service',
check_command => "check_remote_dns!${::my_cname}",
service_description => "CON: ${::my_cname}",
display_name => 'Check DNS (talend JobServer)',
servicegroups => 'talend',
hostgroup_name => 'talend-job',

*"my_cname" *is custom-fact, which I'm using in various other places
without nay problem. But here, the value is not getting substituted. All I
get this:

define service {
display_name Check DNS (talend JobServer)
servicegroups talend
service_description CON:
hostgroup_name talend-job
## --PUPPET_NAME-- (called '_naginator_name' in the
manifest) check_dns_{my_cname}
use generic-service
check_command check_remote_dns!
on the Nagios server (in the nagios_service.cfg). Any idea what's I'm doing
wrong? cheers!!

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