Is it on the yum repo ? I couldn't find there.
On Saturday, January 26, 2013 3:38:28 PM UTC-8, Matthaus Litteken wrote:

Puppet 3.1.0-rc2 is a feature release candidate for the 3.x series of
Puppet. To
see a list of the issues addressed by this release, check out the
3.1.0 version in our issue tracker at:

This is the first "minor" release in the Puppet 3 series. It
introduces some new functionality and fixes a number of bugs, but is
intended to be completely backwards-compatible with 3.0. There will be
no further 3.0.x point releases, so any current Puppet 3 users should
upgrade to 3.1.0. For users upgrading from a 2.x series release,
please read through the [long-form Puppet 3 release
for a full list of new features, deprecations, and
backwards-incompatible changes.

Downloads are available at:
* Source https://downloads.puppetlabs.com/puppet/puppet-3.1.0-rc2.tar.gz

Available in native package format in the pre-release repositories at:
http://yum.puppetlabs.com and http://apt.puppetlabs.com

For information on how to enable the Puppet Labs pre-release repos, see:


Gems are available via rubygems at
or by using `gem install puppet`

Mac packages are available at

Windows packages are available at

Please report feedback via the Puppet Labs Redmine site, using an
affected puppet version of 3.1.0-rc2:

## Puppet 3.1.0-rc2 Contributors ##
Aaron Hicks, Andrew Parker, Branan Purvine-Riley, Chris Barker, Dave
Dash, Dustin J. Mitchell, Eric Sorenson, Erik Dalén, Henrik Lindberg,
Jeff McCune, Joachim de Groot, John Julien, Josh Cooper, Lauri
Tirkkonen, Matthaus Owens, Michael Hall, Moses Mendoza, Nick
Fagerlund, Nick Lewis, Patrick Carlisle, Paul Morgan, Peter
Eisentraut, Rahul Gopinath, Ryan Uber, Stefan Schulte, Steven
Lindberg, mruzicka

## Puppet 3.1.0-rc2 Release Notes ##
### Ruby DSL Deprecated, new Puppet Ruby DSL removed

We introduced deprecation warnings for the (not-well-documented,
mostly-unused) Ruby DSL; if you are using the Ruby DSL in production
we want to hear from you to learn what you're doing with it -- please
reply to this message on puppe...@googlegroups.com <javascript:>!

Additionally, after testing the revamped Ruby DSL that was in RC1,
we made the call not to ship it. This was a tough decision, but the
number and severity of issues that came up in exploratory testing
led us to the conclusion that it was not supportable code. Again,
if there are issues you run into with the Puppet DSL that you wanted
to solve with the Ruby DSL, we want to hear about this on the
puppet-dev mailing list.

## Headline Features

### Improvements When Loading Ruby Code

A major area of focus for this release was loading extension code. As
people wrote and distributed Faces (new puppet subcommands that extend
Puppet's capabilities), bugs like
[#7316](https://projects.puppetlabs.com/issues/7316) started biting
them. Additionally, seemingly simple things like retrieving
configuration file settings quickly got complicated, causing problems
both for Puppet Labs' code like Cloud Provisioner as well as
third-party integrations like Foreman. The upshot is that it's now
possible to fully initialize puppet when using it as a library,
loading Ruby code from Forge modules works correctly, and tools like
puppetlabs_spec_helper now work correctly.

### YARD API Documentation

To go along with the improved usability of Puppet as a library, we've
added [YARD documentation](http://yardoc.org) throughout the codebase.
YARD generates browsable code documentation based on in-line comments.
This is a first pass through the codebase but about half of it's
covered now. To use the YARD docs, simply run `gem install yard` then
`yard server --nocache` from inside a puppet source code checkout (the
directory containing `lib/puppet`).

### YAML Node Cache Restored on Master

In 3.0.0, we inadvertently removed functionality that people relied
upon to get a list of all the nodes checking into a particular puppet
master. This had actually flip-flopped a few times but now it's
enabled for good, added to the test harness, and available for use as:

# shell snippet
export CLIENTYAML=`puppet master --configprint yamldir`
puppet node search "*" --node_terminus yaml --clientyamldir

### Other bugfixes and improvements

In addition to the headline features, Puppet 3.1 includes a number of
improvements and bugfixes, many of which were community-contributed --
many thanks to the community members who submitted documentation,
test, and code improvements. Some of the more interesting ones follow.

* The Solaris package manager now supports the `holdable` feature (aka
"freezing") (#16120)
* `managehome => true` now works on Oracle Enterprise Linux 6 (#18298)
* `create_resources` can now create virtual and exported resources
* SRV record improvements for fileserving and certificate service
(#18161, #18162)

## Complete list of bugs fixed in this release

For a hyperlinked list of bugs addressed in the release, please visit
the [Puppet Version 3.1.0
Roadmap](https://projects.puppetlabs.com/versions/288) page.

## Puppet 3.1.0-rc2 Changelog ##
Aaron Hicks (1):
04084a9 Cast fqdn as string for gsub

Adrien Thebo (1):
71f70f3 (maint) remove unused attributes from transaction

Alex Harvey (1):
2961d63 (#17295) use SHA1 to sign CSRs when SHA256 is not available.

Andrew Parker (84):
e7d3c3e (Maint) Tighten up assertion to find the cause of a flicker
cfe8bd4 (Maint) Pull config file parsing into a class
6928905 (Maint) Move config file parser to its own file
0e60b11 (Maint) Create a config file parser only once
58e36f5 (Maint) Raise a Puppet ParseError instead of a
cbb73d8 (Maint) Add test coverage around config file parsing
7bdd38e (Maint) Move initialize near top
b232d69 (Maint) Extract class to encapsulate value translation
bd07485 (Maint) Extract value translator for settings
74d70fb (Maint) Use value translator directly
2d00869 (Maint) Remove unneeded parse_file method
f3d0c73 (Maint) Remove unused method sectionlist
462d9a5 (Maint) Remove code to support multiple config files
55043e3 (Maint) Clean up config file parsing
eb34c6b (#7622) Deprecate and remove features.pson?
f65890d (Maint) Remove unimplemented tests
fa7504a (Maint) Remove unimplemented tests
fa148a5 (Maint) Remove unimplemented tests
a62b91a (Maint) Remove pending tests
22ab8c3 (Maint) Remove unimplemented tests
d295ae8 (Maint) Remove unimplemented tests
a8d9ea5 (Maint) Remove unimplemented tests
534adcc (Maint) Remove pending test
b2235d7 (Maint) Remove the hiera-puppet readme
3c754b3 (Maint) Test interplay of colliding names
ad3f0c8 (Maint) Stop changing internals of object during test
74df53a (#7316) Use the public API for initializing settings
cc5258f (#7316) Load puppet/util as early as possible
649f7b5 (#7316) Do not try to require the application
576d07f (Maint) Remove distracting comments
042581c (#7316) Reorder subcommand handling logic
88d87cb (Maint) Extract classes to handle different subcommand types
1390fae (Maint) Remove unused instance variables
3719b81 (#7316) Clarify parameters to construct a CommandLine
46f6725 (Maint) Simplify logic to find subcommand name
7a8577d (Maint) Separate discovery of subcommand name from args
e1135d6 (#7316) Document API used by CommandLine
2cf09c1 (Maint) Create a mutation preserving wrapper for CommandLine
87993c8 (#16753) Change name of 'Woy' to 'WriteOnlyYaml'
2027a40 (#16753) Improve test to check contents of written file
cff8ef1 (#16753) Verify by using puppet node search
ed07df8 (#16753) Remove use of routes file in test
067e9e0 (Maint) Clarify what the options to less are
c882090 (#7316) List subcommands in a supported manner
f1f7d66 (Maint) Allow creating a test file with default options
6c0ea17 (#7316) Use tempfile utilities for managing files
44edc94 (Maint) Fix syntax error in module generate template
849aaf4 (#7316) Test faces from modules using a module
23fedf2 (#7316) Do not run on windows
728fcc7 (#7316) Give test file a more descriptive name
a3f7ace (#15496) Expand testing of Time serialization to cover more
c5ee6d9 (#15496) Remove duplication of checks in ZAML tests
3d5463c (Maint) Canonization is for saints
a6fba38 (Maint) Reformat collector test to make it easier to read
570297f (Maint) Change collector tests to be more intent revealing
b2793b8 (#10963) Test resource collection inside a class/define
6e103be (Maint) Cleanup tests for owner to actually test the logic
bb3fd8f (Maint) Cleanup tests for group to actually test the logic
e885702 (Maint) Move variable closer to point of use
4bf2095 (Maint) Remove duplicate tests
7a38045 (Maint) Clarify error message for invalid group and owner
c140ce5 (Maint) Show the actual allowed values for group
b2204d0 (Maint) Remove duplication in parameter checking
a0430b4 (#9862) Allow group to be root
006c5de (#9862) Do not manage the group if it doesn't exist
73dfca1 (Maint) Invert logic to make it more straightforward
1cf7eca (#9862) Add acceptance test for issue
42d09d5 (Maint) Ensure tests are hitting the right ascpect
f9646a8 (#9862) Promote user/group logic to first class
6d71054 (#9862) Document management of file owners and groups
d531225 (#17371) Add acceptance test for applying correct privileges
0709e33 (Maint) Exclude ownership test from windows
b6e4cc1 (Maint) Use string for exclusion instead of symbol
42359af (Maint) Update the supported ruby versions
f39607c (Maint) Point users to mailing list and IRC
3125c13 (Maint) Remove "RVM considered harmful"
9b16379 (Maint) Remove references to 'I'
9568988 (Maint) Create sections of information
d7244e7 (Maint) Change to README.md for yard frontpage
1500ee0 (#18468) Clarify message in defaults for debian
2699b7f (#18636) Remove reference to non-existant token
ca1f946 (#18636) Change to friendlier way of specifying suitability
cfccce9 (#18636) Create only one always acceptable Proc
4841bdf (#18636) Extract named constants for contextual

Andrew Regner (1):
b3af03c (#17713) make upstart_version an instance variable

Branan Purvine-Riley (1):
2f9706c (maint) Confine pty-based test to non-Windows hosts.

Chris Barker (1):
f24192d Adds additional check for osx puppet group creation

Curtis Ruck (1):
8b05f2a (#16137) Ensure HOME is set before attempting ~ expansion

Dave Dash (1):
39d34ca Removing -e options from pip provider.

Dominic Cleal (2):
0bc1a80 (#15529) Initialize app settings before all and each test
4036d92 (#17371) Re-initialize settings metadata after run_mode

Dustin J. Mitchell (1):
28edee7 Fix a small docs typo - umounted vs. unmounted

Eric Sorenson (3):
2ea29e5 (#16768) Clarify documentation about the purpose of
d2c816a (#15496) Correctly determine timezone offset
e0577e1 (#15496) Adds tests for our Time#to_zaml serialization

Erik Dalén (7):
a5b6c2a (#15989) Allow setting arity on functions
9ed6fce (#15989) Set arity on functions
b1e6de2 (#15989) Tests for function arity
7af8c6e (#15081) Make virtual resources work with create_resources
51bbc2f (#4695) Puppet should not reset locale for services
d5a9ad0 (#18161) Honor CA SRV record for all types of CA requests
15c4388 (#18162) Honor fileserver SRV record for file metadata

Garrett Honeycutt (3):
5025fa5 (#18298) Make useradd use osfamily not operatingsystem
fab9f76 (maint) Whitespace only cleanup of useradd provider
d7bbaa2 (#18298) Use `==` not `include?` in useradd provider

Gary Larizza (2):
4bfafdb [12833] Refactor directoryservice user provider
6718915 (#16271) Implement restart action for launchd

Henrik (1):
1399c94 (Maint) fixing all lint warnings

Henrik Lindberg (26):
b22eb3c (#4388) Fix false negative test using removed authconfig
5a29b81 Make spec_helper manage tmpdir.
4dd67d9 (#17844) Change 'my' to 'ruby_eval' for evaluation in
Object's scope.
ab0d104 (#17845) - Add YARD doc to [] and []= in scope (= API)
2c8fc1e (#17845) Add @since 3.0.x EXPERIMENTAL to Puppet::DSL
882a457 Correct change of [] and []= to have additional options.
61bdb05 (yardoc) Correct @since information in the Ruby DSL files.
8703898 (yardoc) Fix Ruby DSL yardoc.
bd4a566 (yardoc) Add @status (transitive) and @comment (hidden) doc
1c26453 (yardoc) Refactor status for Puppet DSL; from @since to
6bbec30 (#16753) Add write only YAML cache for nodes.
b530a1d (#16753) Add acceptance test for write only yaml cache.
6b2ab70 (#16753) Make it possible to turn off the woy cache.
4025e44 (#16753) Fix issue with facter terminus not being set to
b3bcb6d (maint) Fix spelling error in message for interrupt.
a8f6b71 (#17994) Fix wrong (decimal) mode causes sticky bit to be
79889af (#18023) Document user facing classes using yardoc and show
922401c (yardoc) Fix mixup of 'is' vs. 'should' in Type#[](name)
5393213 (#18458) Make Ruby DSL manifests always reload.
387de55 (#18739) Make calling functions from Ruby DSL work.
2b72312 (#18458) Add test that "always stale" mode is supported
for LoadedFile.
2771980 (#18458) Fix comment typos and removes unwanted required
8da66fd (#18458) Refactor "always-stale" LoadedFile into separate
14c394b (yardoc) Fix yardoc comments and others after
always-stale refactoring
95b50f6 (#18458) Remove unnecessary test in always stale spec.
88d210e (#18876) Add deprecation warning for use of ruby dsl.

Hunter Haugen (1):
a8aef51 (#10963) Collector overrides should work in Ruby 1.9

James Perry (1):
5ebd0d5 (#17716) HPUX_user_provider Updated to allow user
provider to manage passwords on hpux in either normal or trusted
computing modes. Updated spec file to make sure changes are in place.
Specifically manages_passwords, user exists and password function
returns a password.

Jared Curtis (4):
2023d6d (#15980) The pip provider doesn't work correctly on
redhat based systems
2aca0cf (#15980) Test to verify that pip-python is used on Redhat
32314ca (#15980) Tests to confirm functionality of the cmd function
1f8c2c6 (#15980) wrapping tests so that they're tested on both
'RedHat' and 'Not Redhat' sytems

Jasper Lievisse Adriaanse (1):
6a68c13 (#16752) Add support for pkg.conf on openbsd

Jeff McCune (26):
58b78c8 Revert "Revert "Merge branch
'fix/3.x/7316_load_faces_from_modulepath_try3' into 3.x""
9b16fe0 (#7316) Add spec coverage for
3b7977a (#7316) Do not set default values for confdir and vardir
in the master
217c396 Revert "Merge pull request #1190 from
3350feb (maint) Update mailmap for git shortlog
7174058 (#15081) Update create_resources() inline documentation
96dfb12 (maint) Add expectation pip does not use -e flag
f04763a (maint) Document Puppet::Parser::Functions.newfunction
7f6adf1 Improve Puppet.version API to help automate releases
f980e17 (maint) Fix spec failure in hiera_spec
62d36c9 (maint) Fix spec failure in hiera_spec try 2
4573e70 (maint) Update bundle dependencies
1227c5f (maint) Skip IPv6 examples that cannot pass on MRI
e58102e (maint) Use conditional pending mechanism for ruby issue
2c220ca Fixup use of conditional pending
3b75ad2 (maint) Add Travis CI Support
625b85f Future proof authstore ruby issue 7477
0350afd (maint) Add Travis CI support to active branches
8e38dd9 Relax gem dependencies on Facter and Hiera
9ca4833 Revert "Merge branch
083719b (#17716) Improve the provider spec tests for hpux
password management
3242788 (maint) Re-indent the HPUX user provider file
3f96ecd Revert "Merge branch
1ddcb5e Revert "Merge branch 'stschulte-ticket/master/fixup_expiry'"
ce73c71 (docs) Add COMMITTERS.md to guide committers
f45ec7b (maint) Whitespace only cleanup of launchd provider

Joachim de Groot (1):
bf901d0 Add support for DragonFly BSD.

John Julien (3):
2e68573 Fixed rpsec issue for useradd on Red Hat
b9ac015 (#18662) Rewrote test case to stub out check_manage_home
to account for RedHat systems
3ec077a (#18662) cleaned up #check_manage_home and #create test

Josh Cooper (35):
7ddfcca Maint: Refactor code for loading ssl files
beaea04 Maint: Cleanup order dependent test failure
386293f Maint: Fix poorly mocked test
4cbeaba Maint: Fix typo
66afb1a (#7316) Ensure changes to mutable CommandLine wrapper
don't affect ARGV
bc11a77 (#7316) Restore unknown subcommand behavior
b240673 (#7316) Add method to expand autoloaded paths
070cf4a (#18041) Remove Autoload.list_loaded method
cdd3385 (#7316) Refactor listing and requiring of applications
38571f5 (#7316) List faces using an autoloader
4f99f25 (#7316) Append module plugin directories to $LOAD_PATH
6131fb6 (#7316) Warn if script action is reloaded
182071c (#7316) Add acceptance test for loading face from module
9fc77df Maint: Skip yaml/timezone specs on Windows
0cf232b Maint: Only validate that 6 digits of precision can be
3bd5e67 (#15529) Initialize settings before executing puppet specs
704643b Revert "(Maint) Remove unused method sectionlist"
5b554c2 Revert "(Maint) Remove unneeded parse_file method"
19307a9 Maint: Cleanup spec test
2fe21cc Maint: Remove duplicate tests
2ec0005 (#17994) Add tests for directory creation
7e3e79d (#17994) Rework symbolic mode acceptance test
076a5d5 (#17994) Generate a new file and dir each time
8b740ef (#17994) Handle setgid bit on Solaris specially
c685573 (#18440) Don't make class methods private
30e1153 Maint: Remove dead ca_md setting
88735d4 Maint: Deprecate dynamicfacts setting
758d3a5 Maint: Add ronn dependency for building man pages
fdf1d9e Maint: Update man pages
631e3f2 Revert "Maint: Add ronn dependency for building man pages"
49bfde0 (#16752) Add tests for reading installpath from
e32912a (#16752) Better installpath validation
ca4b423 (#16752) Added additional tests and allow key=value
ada535e (#16752) Refactor spec test
8df51b6 (#18755) Consider prerelease gems in the search path

Lauri Tirkkonen (1):
49aed48 (#17861) start agent with no options on Solaris

Mateusz Lenik (1):
c71da18 Add new Ruby DSL by Mateusz Lenik.

Matthaus Owens (8):
14a23bc (maint) Remove non-existent files from puppet.spec.erb
1d2660a (maint) Remove xargs rm on empty file list from
fbd859f Warn when using --[no-]tests flags in install.rb
dd66ae9 Add postflight for OSX packages to add puppet user, group
a5ebbcf Update PUPPETVERSION to 3.1.0-rc1
1fec5c8 (#17777) Update debian build-depends to only use ruby1.8
6308460 Add extlookup2hiera manpages to redhat and debian packages
8f72f72 Update PUPPETVERSION to 3.1.0-rc2

Michael Hall (2):
2aa2e40 Clarifying description for key attribute.
369c000 Clarify the messages provided by the Debian puppet agent
and master init scripts.

Moses Mendoza (1):
b73b289 (#18394) Remove puppet-queue.conf from redhat spec

Nick Fagerlund (14):
5a52dd6 (#4388) Remove the dead `authconfig` setting
e45fbc1 Maint: Document every terminus, especially static_compiler
96fea41 Docs: Clarify that the "puppet" filebucket is magic to
the static compiler
87ee7db Maint: Remove example namespaceauth.conf files
dad411e Maint: Remove outdated example puppet.conf
2f3e5eb Maint: Remove a lot of messy and ancient do-nothing code
from examples
30d122d Maint: Remove conf/epm.list
604e568 Maint: Move example fileserver.conf and tagmail.conf files
to conf
d6b44bc Maint: Remove "ghost file" to obtain extra power from
deathless wraiths
966d6ab Maint: Remove mac_dscl and pkgdmg examples
f2505b9 Maint: Remove sample_module example
1fbb4dc (#17448/#17449/#18045) Update fileserver.conf and
auth.conf examples
c43cb68 Maint: Improve example tagmail.conf file with comments
ade52f7 Maint: Remove example puppet-queue.conf file

Nick Lewis (1):
57e1db0 Keep Scope#[]/[]= signatures the same as lookupvar/setvar

Patrick Carlisle (18):
af4f755 Whitespace and formatting cleanups
368587a Don't remove validate_arguments from backtraces
a0bb51b Get YARD for the Puppet module to show up correctly.
72307e1 Fix Puppet::Parser::Functions.arity
0947915 Flesh out documentation for Puppet::Parser::Functions
67d6b6f Add docs for lookupvar
a576f25 Begin exposing Puppet::Type as public API.
314b506 (#18023) Preliminary YARD docs for Faces
59c8729 (Maint) Only show YARD docs for methods tagged with @api
7490e18 (Maint) Use --api instead of generic --query in yardopts
611ea6e (#18026) Don't warn on failed stats for selinux context
62db414 Revert "Merge pull request #1419 from
d17a57b Revert "(yardoc) Refactor status for Puppet DSL; from
@since to @status."
cd5277f Revert "(yardoc) Correct @since information in the Ruby
DSL files."
0202b9a Revert "(#17845) Add @since 3.0.x EXPERIMENTAL to
Puppet::DSL (transitive)."
fc5a503 Revert "(yardoc) Fix Ruby DSL yardoc."
40877fa Revert "Don't remove validate_arguments from backtraces"
48b8266 Revert "Merge branch 'new-ruby-dsl-by-mlen'"

Paul Morgan (1):
a58e4db tagmail: s/reportform/reportfrom/

Peter Eisentraut (1):
c018d2d Make envpuppet print warning to stderr

Rahul Gopinath (2):
24dce7c (#16120) ips package provider gets feature holdable.
ba3c2a9 (#16120) ips package provider gets feature holdable.

Reid Vandewiele (1):
269a709 Fix empty hash console rendering bug

Ryan 'Gozar' Collins (1):
33a398a Bug #17898 - pkgdmg provider broken since version 2.7.13
under OS X 10.5 Leopard http://projects.puppetlabs.com/issues/17898

Ryan Uber (2):
d3f6f67 Fix for logdir perms regression in puppet.spec.erb (#17866)
ea8901e Work-around for RH Bugzilla 681540 (defattr overrides
in-line attr)

Stefan Schulte (8):
0f034bd (#11675) Remove duplicate flag on useradd
3f0aec8 maint: Add specs for password min age/max age
c3d1907 maint: Improve test coverage for nameservice provider
1541653 (#11675) Add value munging for nameservice provider
aebe400 (#11675) Implement expiry in user provider
0f9c82e (#11675) Refactor useradd provider
b46c163 Revert "Revert "Merge branch
ee34c26 (#11675) Fix test failures in ruby 1.8.7

Steven Lindberg (1):
7825e9d (#7962) Added description of 'duration' settings format.

jmccann (1):
0f408e9 (#16112) Add Augeas clearm command support

l (2):
9e7bf07 Fix portage-provider so that packages with keywords can
be installed
79b2ddb Add tests for gentoo provider

mruzicka (2):
310f028 (#14872) PMT respect environment's module path
fc4811d (#14872) PMT respect environment's module path
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  • Dominic Cleal at Jan 30, 2013 at 11:43 am

    On 30/01/13 07:03, Felipe Salum wrote:
    Is it on the yum repo ? I couldn't find there.
    They go into the "devel" repos, e.g.

    The puppetlabs-release RPM installs the repo, but disables it by
    default. You can enable puppetlabs-devel in
    /etc/yum.repos.d/puppetlabs.repo or use --enablerepo=puppetlabs-devel
    with yum.

    Dominic Cleal
    Red Hat Engineering

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