I'm not a recruiter, manager, or otherwise non-technical person spamming
the users list in order to harvest email addresses. I'm one of the 'devop
engineers' at EdX, a MIT/Harvard/Everyone else non-profit organization
aimed at reinventing online education. We're the non-profit version of
Udacity/Coursera basically.

We're currently a team of three, with two members of the team having a
strong programming/dev background and me, the black sheep of the team with
a primarily ops background.

We're looking for people who would feel comfortable jumping directly into a
hodge podge environment based in AWS running a mostly Django stack with
Puppet driving the conf mgmt behind the scenes.

Must be comfortable with ongoing endless arguments about the "Right Way" to
do everything from provisioning to deployment and must be willing to wade
in feet first into the eternal vim vs emacs argument.

We're a very tight knit self organizing team with minimal direction from
above other than requirements from the developers building the stuff we
run. You'll have a direct and visible affect on the environment here and
help us shape it to be world class (hopefully!).

We have free lunches and a relaxed (but horribly busy still as we're like a
startup) environment. I've been here since September or so and I
absolutely love it here. I love coming to work and I love being able to
directly design the infrastructure and build things without endless
meetings and delays and politics. :)

As you can tell, I don't write a lot of job advertisements but if you'd be
potentially interested in working with us please drop me a line at
apenney@edx.org with your resume or catch 'ashp' in #puppet. The only real
restriction we have is that we're looking for local people rather than
remote workers due to the nature of our collaboration.

Oh and we're a 'kind of agile team, I guess', with retros and planning and
trello boards and all that kind of thing so we hope you're cool with that

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