I have a command that I want to run when certain other puppet-controlled
files change, which is no problem. But I also want the program to run
if a certain NIS database changes. I don't see anything built in to
talk to talk to a NIS (or LDAP or AD) server. And most importantly I
don't want it to run if nothing has change (i.e. refreshonly).

Initially I was thinking of using a cron job on the puppet server to
update a file with the NIS database contents, and then have puppet
distribute that file to clients (in /tmp or something), and then my exec
command would subscribe to that file. This will work, but it's ugly
because part of the functionality lives outside of puppet.

I'll probably end up writing something into an "onlyif" or "unless"
clause in the exec that saves a checksum and compares the latest to it.

But that also seems a bit ugly, since this is exactly the sort of thing
that puppet knows how to do. The ideal solution would be that I should
be able to make one exec depend on another exec, in the same way that
you can have a dependency on a file. Is there any other way to do that?
I haven't been able to find anything like this. If not, maybe a
parameter could be added to exec, "output", and that could be used to
build dependencies? That seems like a more natural approach.


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