Dear Sunner,

Good Morning !

I am shiva . Right now i m working with Puppet User Management Module. And
i saw your post the same kind of module i looking for. Its very usefull if
you share you user module to me, Thanks

Thanks & Regards,

On Thursday, November 25, 2010 12:54:50 AM UTC-6, Sunner wrote:

Hi people.
After some reading, I think I have some sort of coherent thought about how
to handle users and groups, being a first time Puppet user though I figured
I'd ask for some criticism before I go ahead.

I'll use the /modules/user module as per the BP-doc, and store all the
users and groups in one file/class.
Then I'll have two(for now at least) classes in separate files, basically
these will be admins and non-admins, and node classes will then inherit
these as needed(I expect most nodes will only need the admins and possibly
some application accounts).
Somethingl like so(no I'm not trying to write real puppet code, just a
brief description, so I know this won't work as is ;-) :

class user::virtual
# Groups first for the sake of order
@group admin...
@group notadmin...

# Users now
@user {"user1": gid => "admin" ...}
@user {"user2": gid => "notadmin" ...}

class user::admins inherits user::virtual
realize ( Group["admin"], User["user1"] )

class user::notadmins inherits user::virtual
realize ( Group["notadmin", User["user2"] )

And the base node class will include the user::admin class, and so forth.
As for application accounts and such, I figured I'd stick these in classes
of their own in one manifest(say appusers.pp or some such).

Basically what I'm asking, does this seem sane to more experienced people,
or am I setting myself up for pain?

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