* As part of a Google Summer of Code project, we have a completely
rewritten Ruby DSL. Some of it is backwards-compatible, but other
things have changed pretty dramatically; we think it'll be a great
improvement for those who want to write Puppet code directly in Ruby.
Check out this blog post for details of the changes:
http://puppetlabs.com/blog/gsoc-project-ruby-dsl-for-puppet/ The new
DSL is _not in this release_ but it's coming soon; we mention it so
that users who are using the 2.7 Ruby DSL can follow the replacement's
progress and try it out before it's merged.
Is there a ticket number or some place else we can track the progress of
this merge?
On Friday, September 28, 2012 4:49:21 PM UTC-5, Michael Stanhke wrote:

Puppet 3.0.0 is a feature release for the 3.x series of Puppet.

Downloads are available at:
* Source http://downloads.puppetlabs.com/puppet/puppet-3.0.0.tar.gz

To avoid any surprises for those with [ ensure => latest ] set on the
Puppet Labs repos, we have released Puppet 3.0.0 to the Puppet Labs
*devel* repos, and will move them into the production repos on Monday,
October 1st, 2012. If you don't want to wait till Monday, grab rpms
from yum.puppetlabs.com/{el/fedora}/$arch/devel/<http://yum.puppetlabs.com/%7Bel/fedora%7D/$arch/devel/>,
and debs from

Repository Setup Instructions:

Gems are available via rubygems at
https://rubygems.org/downloads/puppet-3.0.0.gem or by using `gem install

Mac packages are available at

Windows packages are available at

See the Verifying Puppet Download section at:

Please report feedback via the Puppet Labs Redmine site, using an
affected puppet version of 3.0.0:

Puppet 3.0.0 Contributors
20after4, Aditya Patawari, Adrien Thebo, Andrew Parker, Ashley Penney,
Ben Ford, Branan Purvine-Riley, Brian Pitts, Brice Figureau, Bruno
Léon, Cameron Thomas, Carl Caum, Carla Souza, Chris Price, Christian
G. Warden, Craig Dunn, Curtis Ruck, Dan Bode, Daniel Pittman, Dean
Wilson, Deepak Giridharagopal, Dieter De Meyer, Dominic Cleal, Dominic
Maraglia, Dustin J. Mitchell, Eric Shamow, Eric Sorenson, Eric
Stonfer, Erik Dalén, Erkan Yilmaz, François Beausoleil, Franz Pletz,
Gary Larizza, Genadi Samokovarov, Gleb Arshinov, Greg Sutcliffe,
Hailee Kenney, Henrik Lindberg, Hunter Haugen, Jacob Helwig, Jakub
Holy, James Turnbull, Jason A. Smith, Jeff Blaine, Jeff McCune, Jeff
Weiss, Joe Hillenbrand, Jonathan Grochowski, Josh Cooper, Joshua
Harlan Lifton, Justin Stoller, Kelsey Hightower, Ken Barber, Ken
Dreyer, Lauri Tirkkonen, Lee Lowder, Luke Kanies, Marc Fournier,
Markus Roberts, Matt Blair, Matt Robinson, Matthaus Litteken, Matthias
Pigulla, Michael Kincaid, Michael Stahnke, Michael Warren, Moses
Mendoza, Nan Liu, Nicholas Hubbard, Nick Lewis, Nick Stokoe, Niels
Abspoel, Patrick Carlisle, Patrick, Paul Mucur, Peter Meier, Piavlo,
R. Tyler Croy, R.I.Pienaar, Rahul Gopinath, Rahul, Ricky Zhou, Roman
Barczyński, Russ Allbery, S. Zachariah Sprackett, Sean Millichamp,
Stefan Schulte, Steven Lindberg, Tim Bielawa, Uwe Stuehler, Whyme.Lyu,
Will Hopper, codec, cprice, nfagerlund, peter, rahul

Puppet 3.0.0 (Telly) Release Notes

# Overview

Puppet 3.0, code name Telly, is the first major release to Puppet
since June 2011. With the help of our amazing community contributors,
we have built a release that we feel merits a "dot-oh," and we think
you'll agree. As you know, Puppet supports numerous configurations and
operating systems. Because of that, we need smart folks like you to
validate that it's working in your environment.

Here's how you can help:
1. Download Puppet 3.0.0
2. Read this changelog to identify any config changes you'll need to
3. File bugs in the [Puppet Redmine issue tracker][1]
4. [Let us know][2] when you're headed to production

[1]: http://projects.puppetlabs.com/projects/puppet
[2]: mailto:er...@puppetlabs.com <javascript:>

# Summary of Changes

This is not an exhaustive summary, but rather an editorialized list of
the biggest changes. See the Git changelog for the full monty.

Numbers in parentheses like `(#7788)` indicate a Redmine ticket at
Notation like `(puppet/pull/998)` indicate a github pull request at

## Cool New Stuff

* Performance Improvements - substantial improvements to performance,
particularly around catalog compilation. Agent now uses JSON for
catalog cache, which can be dramatically faster for large catalogs
(#16058, #2892)
* Data Bindings - hiera will be automatically consulted for values of
parameterized classes so you don't need the parser functions. (#11608)
* Improved OS/Platform Support - Full Ruby 1.9 support; vastly
improved Windows package support; yumrepo now supports ssl options
(#3324); better upstart support; better Solaris zone, package and
service support;
* Loading Plugins from Rubygems - you can now install and use puppet
extension code (faces, types, providers) via rubygems. (#7788)
* Server Auto-Discovery - Puppet agents can use SRV records in DNS to
find CA, master, report, and file servers (#3669)
* Semantic Versioning - With 3.0.0, Puppet Labs makes a commitment to
follow the Semantic Versioning guidelines outlined on semver.org.
Public, documented APIs won't break until 4.0; minor-version 3.x
releases will add new features while retaining compatibility, and
tiny-version 3.0.x releases will be bugfix-only.

## DSL/Config Changes

* Variable Scoping - Dynamic scoping has been removed.
* Auth.conf differentiates between names and IPs - There's a new
`allow_ip` keyword in auth.conf if you want to permit IP addresses.
* `unless` is available as a synonym for `if !` (#7762)
* Pluginsync now defaults to true - Yep, it's true. (#5521)
* Updated `config.ru` syntax -- When running the master under Rack,
make sure you update your config.ru to follow the example from
ext/rack/files/config.ru in the source distribution. (#15337)

## Changed Code Behavior

* External Node Classifier and Environments - If there's a conflict
between the environment requested by a client and what's set in the
external node classifier, the ENC wins. (#3910)
* When running puppet as root, the system-wide `confdir` and `vardir`
settings will be used. When running as a non-root user, `confdir` will
be `~/.puppet/` and `vardir` will be `~/.puppet/var`, which now relies
on $HOME being set in your environment. (#16137, /puppet/pull/1080)

## Important Deprecations
* Puppet 3.0 does not support running under Ruby 1.8.5. The main OS
platform which still ships with 1.8.5 is RHEL5 and while we love RHEL
and its derivatives (CentOS, Oracle Enterprise Linux, Scientific,
etc), we can't maintain backwards compatiblity to 1.8.5. So we've
backported the RHEL6 packages to provide drop-in replacements for the
system Ruby packages (1.8.7-p370) -- these are available at
http://yum.puppetlabs.com/el/5/devel/ and will move to the
el/5//dependencies/ repo upon 3.0's actual release. (#15734)
* As part of a Google Summer of Code project, we have a completely
rewritten Ruby DSL. Some of it is backwards-compatible, but other
things have changed pretty dramatically; we think it'll be a great
improvement for those who want to write Puppet code directly in Ruby.
Check out this blog post for details of the changes:
http://puppetlabs.com/blog/gsoc-project-ruby-dsl-for-puppet/ The new
DSL is _not in this release_ but it's coming soon; we mention it so
that users who are using the 2.7 Ruby DSL can follow the replacement's
progress and try it out before it's merged.

Puppet 3.0.0 Changelog

20after4 (1):
Sleep for 5 seconds after enabling the service, but before
calling sv start. This gives runsvdir time to notice the new
service symlink so that it won't return an error on start which
would otherwise cause puppet to fail the start command and skip
depenent resources.

Aditya Patawari (1):
Fix for bug #9256. Get rid of error about missing sequence table
while using postgresql for inventory service.

Adrien Thebo (1):
(#15264) Custom title patterns can fail cryptically.

Andrew Parker (73):
Allow passing extra options to the execute
Added doc of the command parameter
Simple complete command wrapper for providers
Puppet::Provider constructs Command objects
Deprecated make_command_methods
Delegate all commands to Puppet::Provider::Command
Documented commands
Unit test for Puppet::Provider dsl
Added unit tests for Provider command DSL
Added tests around suitability of provider
Moved Puppet::Provider::Command
Allow definition of commands via a dsl
Cleanup of internals
Deprecation points to has_command for substitute
Removed unused code
Fixup tests to work on CentOS 5
Revert "Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/2.7.x'"
Re-apply "Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/2.7.x'"
Fixed problems caused by 2.7.x merge
Removed topscope being overridden by node
Evaluate node classes either in top or node scope
Removed unused methods
Fixed error reporting when appending
Removed dynamic scoping
Moved full scoping tests to integrtion
Fixed += op changing arrays in outer scope
Added tests to cover old dynamic lookup
Added tests around enc usage
Removing use of deprecated execution methods
Cleanup of the Forge code
(#14387) Puppet's Module face should send a User-Agent
Fix User-Agent for ruby 1.8.5
Re-enable this test to work on windows
(Maint) Fix upstart provider to work on Ruby 1.9.3
(#14901) Refactored test to improve readability
(#14901) Use the last argument when there are duplicates
(#14901) Simplify argument handling in option parser
(#14901) Consistent handling of argument parsing errors
(#14844) Add test that execpipe works for upstart provider
(Maint) Create a test for the puppet backend
(Maint) Limit data binding API information
(Maint) Fix up directories used in pluginsync test
(Maint) Attempt to fix flickering test
(Maint) Remove unused variables from ca tests
(Maint) Remove unneeded checks from ca tests
(Maint) Clarify what certs are being created in ca tests
(Maint) Moved ca test to correct location
(Maint) Clarify flow of CRL generation and update
(Maint) Make a CRL valid on the same second it is updated
(Maint) Fixed up acceptance tests for pluginsync on windows
(#15202) Handle paths with files in them
Revert "Merge pull request #920 from rtyler/issues/gemfile-15464"
(#15668) Use only one way of triggering pluginsync
(Maint) Fix assertion about locale
(#15668) Replace test for order of files in pluginsync
(Maint) Simplify CONTRIBUTING.md
(#10915) Fix tests to work with new parameter checking
(#10915) Add test for provider throwing NoMethodError
(#16042) Remove deprecated Functions methods
(#7788) Cache paths from older rubygem versions
(Maint) Remove dependency on Facter 2.0
(Maint) Update version of puppet listed in gemspec
(Maint) Remove trailing whitespace
(#16137) Tilde expansion should only occur for normal users
(Maint) Fix syntax and semantic erros in test
(#7962) Skip certificate test on windows
(#15756) Call functions correctly in tests
(#15756) Do not allow functions called without Array
(#15756) Test behavior of function loading not mocks
(#15756) Call include function correctly
(Maint) Remove fragile test
Revert "Merge branch
'fix/3.x/7316_load_faces_from_modulepath_try3' into 3.x"
(#16567) Remove :lexical setting default

Ashley Penney (4):
The openbsd spec tests mistakenly used File.new instead of
Fix this to use .read, not .open.
(Maint) Add logging for when Puppet is enabled/disabled.
(Maint) Add logging for when Puppet is enabled/disabled.

Ben Ford (1):
Just fixed the indentation on a couple lines so the website
doesn't use smart quotes!

Branan Purvine-Riley (2):
(maint) Confine pty-based test to non-Windows hosts.
(maint) (acceptance) Strip fqdn before sending it to the sut

Brian Pitts (3):
(13914) Fix ownership of log files
Do not change ownership of log file if on Windows
Handle chown failure

Brice Figureau (7):
Refactor: configurer now returns report.exit_status
Run the agent in a child process during catalog application
(#15398) fix typo in Scope#number? float detection regex
Performance: remove some occurences of type.to_s.downcase
Performance: memoize resource#resource_type
Performance: TypeCollection should remember nonexistent types
before autoloading
Performance: template wrapper calling info is slow

Bruno Léon (1):
Add poller_tag, business_impact, realm attributes to
nagios_types that supports them

Cameron Thomas (3):
Regexp escape substituted commands in Windows wrapper script
Add basic service provider for Windows
(#8272) Add missing tests for Windows service provider methods.

Carl Caum (2):
Retry inventory ActiveRecord transaction failure
Properly call indirector when storing file content

Carla Souza (1):
Bug #7140 fix

Chris Price (85):
(#11860) Add parameter to control locale override
(#11860) Fix unit test broken by previous commit
(#11860) Add a (pending) acceptance test to check LANG during user
(#11860) Minor cleanup as per pull request comments (#11860)
Minor cleanup as per pull request comments (#11860) Minor cleanup
as per pull request comments (#11860) Minor cleanup as per pull
request comments (#11860) Minor cleanup as per pull request
comments (#11860) Minor cleanup as per pull request comments
(#11860) Minor cleanup as per pull request comments (#11860) Minor
cleanup as per pull request comments (#11860) Minor cleanup as per
pull request comments
(#11860) Fix specs that fail on windows
(#5224) Unset USER-related env vars during execs
moved posix-specific constants from Util to Util::POSIX
(#12309) move execution-related methods from Util to Util::Execution
(#12309) refactored all(?) deprecation warnings to use
(#12309) Refactor deprecated uses of Util.execute
(#12309) Fix broken rspecs
(#12309) Fix broken module_spec.rb
(#12359) Improve logging of backtraces
(#12454) device_spec.rb fails with ruby 1.8.7-p357 and mocha
(#12336) Util::'which' may fail if user's path contains a tilde
(#12490) execution_spec causes failures on windows
(#12490) fixing windows spec tests
Fix a few acceptance tests that were checking stderr
Clean up deprecation warning
re-fix acceptance test related to logging changes
Minor improvement to backtrace logging
Extra debug logging during plugin loading
(#7316) Initial acceptance tests
Fix backups_spec, which fails if run by itself
(#3324) Ported yumrepo unit tests to spec
Fix ruby 1.8.5 failures for execution_spec
More fixes / cleanup for 1.8.5
(#7749) Reduce weird scope cycles when bootstrapping settings
Add lib_trollop.rb, an alternative implementation of an option /
cli parser
(#7749) Parse command line args and config file before loading
(#7749) Improvements to handling settings, bootstrapping puppet
(#7749) get rid of "set_run_mode" method in Application class
(#7749) get rid of $puppet_application_name and
$puppet_application_mode globals
(#7749) rename "Settings#setdefaults" to "define_settings"
(#7749) doc / tests cleanup
Add comment with URL of upstream pull request for trollop
(#13439) refactor spec_helper for spec compatibility between 2.7
and master
remove literal tabs from defaults.rb
(#13584) in daemon mode, master can swallow errors during startup
(#13588) fix permissions on log dir
fix acceptance test that was relying on implicit 'apply'
fix pluginsync acceptance tests
cleanup whitespace, ala pull request #527
(#12396) dry up configtimeout usage
Fix console logging for no-daemonize mode
(#13929) Improve logging for very early failures
(#3757) re-introduce lockfile changes
(#3757, #12934) Minor test improvement for agent disable message
(#3757) separate settings for agent lockfile paths
(#3757) move lockfile path logic into modules
(#3757) Remove 'anonymous' functionality from lockfiles
(#3757) rename AnonymousFilelock to JsonFilelock
(#3757) Implement json-based lockfiles
(#3757) cleanup and docs
(#3757) add acceptance test
Add ability to log spec test order to a file
Add ability to filter resource_type output by type
(#14137) resource_type serialization naming conventions
(#14200) Fix help face
Cleanup some dumb tests in settings specs
(#13429) refactor some settings initialization
Fix windows acceptance failures (mostly related to tmpfile paths)
(#14200) Telly -> 2.7.x backward compatibility for app/face class
(#13559) added resource context to log messages when available
Fix failing spec tests for module tool
Fix some windows acceptance failures
More windows acceptance failure fixes
Fix more windows acceptance failures
Add "trace" for a couple of failing tests
added another trace for debugging acceptance tests
(#14440) Fix rake manpage generation in master
Another windows acceptance failure fix
Another (hopefully final) attempt to resolve the
source_attribute test failure
(#14440) Update outdated reference to puppetdoc
initial prototype for acceptance test libraries
Refactor acceptance tests to use util library
(#14609) Fix master initialization when running under Passenger
(#15185) expand default user/conf dirs
Fix run_mode test w/rt expanding tilde in user dir values
(#15975) Extract HTTP methods from REST Indirector
(#15975) Add missing methods to new HTTP::Connection class
(#15975) Proxy the request_get block to Net::HTTP
(#15975) Add tests for http methods that accept blocks
(#16139) Provide accessors for @puppet_version and
@report_format in reports
(#15214) Remove confdir and vardir from run_mode

Christian G. Warden (1):
Fix spelling of "whether"

Craig Dunn (1):
added volcanes patch to allow calling_module and calling_class
to be evaluated in scope

Curtis Ruck (1):
(#16137) Ensure HOME is set before attempting ~ expansion

Dan Bode (1):
(#13888) Fix self.instances for systemd service provider

Daniel Pittman (209):
Revert "Fixes #8119 - Write to a temporary file and move when
storing reports."
(#9508) Unify `auth no` and `auth any` in the system.
(#11727) Support STDIN for `puppet parser validate`
(#11727) Allocate a PTY when running the acceptance test.
Facter 1.5.7 compatibility in the test condition.
Add a feature to detect RDoc 1.0.1 being present on the system.
Fix 4-space indentation in puppet/util/rdoc.rb
Document and cleanly fail when unsupported RDoc is used.
Ruby 1.9.3 is strict about block argument counts.
Ruby 1.9.3 has a different error when `require` fails.
Simplify a YAML report test to work with Ruby 1.9
Don't cache check for `cdrom` source in the apt provider.
Avoid class level variables, as they are not helpful.
Revert "Disable replace_file on Windows"
Replace Puppet::Util::FileLocking with atomic `replace_file`
Fix terminus testing for Ruby 1.9
Handle YAML load errors from the new Psych YAML parser.
Action definition requires at least one argument.
Hash references on string now raise errors, not return nil.
Eliminate dead home-made assertion-at-dev-time-only code.
`instance_variables` changes return type between 1.8 and 1.9
Syck specific YAML parser tests can only run with the old engine.
Calling map on string now fails, rather than yielding the string.
`String#to_a` doesn't work in Ruby 1.9
Regular expression matching on symbols changed in Ruby 1.9
Whitespace and formatting cleanup on shellquote spec.
Fix the shellquote parser function on Ruby 1.9
Protect all existing methods when monkey-patching.
Handle the real semantics of `String#lines`...
The return type of `methods` changed in 1.9
A correct implementation of IO#binwrite for Ruby 1.8
Fix Cisco device canonicalization regular expression on 1.9
Partially fix UTF-8 and PSON encoding tests for Ruby 1.9
Implement YAML 1.1 binary data encoding in ZAML
When shutting down Mongrel, wait synchronously for stop.
Use PID-based ports to test web server listening.
Remove the "fails_on_ruby_1.9.2" tag from tests...
Trivial spelling fix.
Whitespace cleanup in old-style aptrpm package test.
Port old `test/language` tests into rspec...
Port `test/provider` to RSpec
Port Puppet[:path] test from Test::Unit to RSpec
Port Puppet[:libdir] and LOAD_PATH test from Test::Unit
Port tests of the defaults system from Test::Unit.
Port some type class tests over to RSpec.
Port over `ral/manager` tests to RSpec.
Port some exec tests from Test::Unit to RSpec
Port the useful cron Test::Unit test to an acceptance test.
Port the mailalias test directly to RSpec.
Port the crontab Test::Unit tests to RSpec.
Port the aptrpm and aptitude tests from Test::Unit.
Port the provider tests from Test::Unit.
Port the base service provider tests from Test::Unit.
Port the large fixture for the sshkey test from Test::Unit.
Remove useless or redundant Test::Unit tests.
Use RbConfig rather than Config
Fix signal handling test vs Ruby 1.9 async signals.
Fix nameservice provider auto-generated IDs that may overlap.
Define Symbol#intern if missing.
Modernize selector_spec, add Ruby 1.9.2 support, with bonus bugfix.
Ruby 1.9.3-p0 support in spec tests.
Bring Nagios module back into the core.
Use Win32 API atomic replace in `replace_file`
Make `binwrite` emulation work on Windows.
Fix Rails schema setup on Windows.
Forcibly remove temporary files in tests.
Recover better when `maxgroups` is not implemented.
Store Rails logs on physical disk when testing.
Make a path absolute on Windows as well as Unix.
Accept paths with `~` for `generate` on Windows.
Make the base service provider spec work on Windows.
Use platform path separator in tests.
Use a platform temporary file instead of a Unix one.
Manually load Win32{API,OLE} for Ruby 1.9.
Use conditional pending to block out "fails_on_windows" tests.
Implement Array#drop for Ruby 1.8.5
Fix over-stubbing in tests revealed by agent changes.
Fix some additional test problems in skipping pluginsync.
Save face loader state in a different, more robust way.
Whitespace and logic cleanups for command line tests.
(#14322) Make `--version` or `-V` options work globally.
Fix acceptance test assumption about exec logging.
(#13559) Promote new console output prototype to official.
Rewrite `have_printed` matcher to be more robust.
(#3669) Disable SRV record use by default.
Bump Puppet version to 3.0.0 for the Telly release.
(#11727) Support STDIN for `puppet parser validate`
Implement Symbol#intern when it is missing.
Use `intern` rather than `symbolize` in Puppet::Type
Eliminate `symbolize` everywhere, and remove it.
zaml: statically determine the to_ascii8bit implementation.
zaml: rework strings for correctness and speed
zaml: add whitespace for readability.
zaml: avoid calling emit when we don't have anything to output
zaml: don't use backreferences on strings
A node always has an environment.
A scope always has a compiler.
Drop the hash prefix when passing compiler to scope.
Eliminate an unused library from the scope.
Use `Forwardable` rather than hand-rolling it.
Simplify the code handling the namespace option to the scope.
Use `alias` to map []{,=} to {lookup,set}var on scope.
Treat `nil` as false, not true in scope and AST evaluation.
Simplify the number? implementation of scope.
Simplify the scope `to_hash` implementation.
Simplify the scope `emphemeral_include?` method.
Check that function loading worked correctly.
compiler: use forwardable where applicable.
Use `set_options` rather than open-coding it everywhere.
ast: trivial indentation and line wrap fixes.
ast: eliminate dead `settor` attribute of AST nodes.
ast: native boolean stringification is just fine.
ast: correctly quote strings in {Flat,}String nodes.
ast: code cleanup for HostName nodes.
ast: code cleanup for variable nodes.
ast: eliminate dead, commented-out code.
collector: break over-long line.
functions: trivial code shortening
lexer: clearer variable name for the initializer
lexer: use alias instead of hard-rolling it...
lexer: be consistent about how to access a member
lexer: use forwardable rather than hand-rolling it.
lexer: raise errors before creating objects
lexer: use methodhelper to set token options.
lexer: whitespace and indentation clean token lists
lexer: use generalized truth for `indefine?`
lexer: more forwardable delegation
parser: use forwardable rather than reimplementing it
resource: use delegation and aliasing rather than wrappers
resource: cleanup indentation and redundant code
resource: eliminat 0.24 compatibility metaparameter support
scope: simplify and clarify if statements
scope: use methodhelper to handle compiler option setting
scope: comment on a future cleanup
type_loader: use forwardable rather than hand-rolling it
Eliminate Puppet type attribute aliases.
zaml: unify on a single definition of `to_zaml` for Symbol
Avoid object creation/destruction when possible.
type: memoize key_attributes for types.
tagging: document why fixing this horror is hard.
lexer: remove some unused stats collection
monkey_patch: cache Symbol to_proc result.
type: support implicit "identity" transformation
FileCollection is a memory loss, not a memory win.
Eliminate remaining uses of FileCollection.
parser/files: use a cheaper test for "is this path absolute?"
util: don't rebuild regexp every time we invoke absolute_file?
zaml: don't sort object attributes for output
provider: don't create useless proc instances.
whit: cache the `to_s` result.
Implement `Fixnum#ord` for Ruby 1.8.5
zaml: speed micro-optimization for Time output
log_paths: memoize the entire value, not just part of it.
file_serving: avoid rewriting paths if possible.
tagging: use a static regexp rather than rebuilding it
zaml: handle multi-line map keys and array values correctly.
Implement a JSON file terminus to mirror YAML.
Add catalog JSON terminus to improve performance.
Disable ActiveSupport::Dependencies hooks.
Check that function loading worked correctly.
maint: remove .rspec entirely
Make SELinux internal helper functions private.
(#8714) Don't follow symlinks in SELinux FS detection
Revert "(#15852) Remove version check from puppet_spec.rb"
Port the SemVer test from Test::Unit to RSpec.
Fix a test broken by the improved parameter error reporting.
AST Scope variable names must be strings.
Clean up the Hiera Puppet integration.
Use Pathname.realpath instead of writing it...
RSpec 3 is deprecating `expect {}.should` - respect that.
RSpec 3 is deprecating `expect {}.should` - respect that.
(#16027) Restore function context to backtraces
Skip symbolic link demanding test on Windows
Update copyright years in LICENSE
(#16330) Update ZAML to latest upstream.
(#16327) Fix fact terminus configuration cache handling
(#16327) Continue agent run when node terminus find fails
Git ignore an .rvmrc file in the root of the project
(#4680) Reject CA network operations when master CA is disabled
Implement a JSON file terminus to mirror YAML.
Add catalog JSON terminus to improve performance.
Implement Symbol#intern when it is missing.
Use `intern` rather than `symbolize` it Puppet::Type
zaml: statically determine the to_ascii8bit implementation.
zaml: unify on a single definition of `to_zaml` for Symbol
Avoid object creation/destruction when possible.
type: memoize key_attributes for types.
tagging: document why fixing this horror is hard.
lexer: remove some unused stats collection
monkey_patch: cache Symbol to_proc result.
type: support implicit "identity" transformation
FileCollection is a memory loss, not a memory win.
Eliminate remaining uses of FileCollection.
parser/files: use a cheaper test for "is this path absolute?"
util: don't rebuild regexp every time we invoke absolute_file?
zaml: don't sort object attributes for output
whit: cache the `to_s` result.
zaml: speed micro-optimization for Time output
log_paths: memoize the entire value, not just part of it.
file_serving: avoid rewriting paths if possible.
tagging: use a static regexp rather than rebuilding it
Implement `Fixnum#ord` for Ruby 1.8.5
(#15190) Avoid deprecated iconv on Ruby 1.9
zaml: rework strings for correctness and speed
zaml: add whitespace for readability.
zaml: avoid calling emit when we don't have anything to output
zaml: don't use backreferences on strings
zaml: handle multi-line map keys and array values correctly.
Disable ActiveSupport::Dependencies hooks.

Dean Wilson (2):
Display the correct option when rasing the error - issue #7476
(#10950) Make config print default to printing all options

Deepak Giridharagopal (3):
(#15768) Deprecate ActiveRecord-based storeconfigs terminuses
(#15678) Deprecate ActiveRecord-based inventory service terminuses
(#15768) Deprecate puppet queue

Dieter De Meyer (1):
(#3324) yumrepo doesn't support ssl options

Dominic Cleal (9):
(#8011) Support temp repo URLs in pkgutil provider
(#8808) Fail Augeas resource when unable to save changes
(#5606) Print Augeas' /augeas//error info to debug on save failure
(#7285) Add spec for Augeas initialisation and file loading
(#7285) Use Augeas NO_LOAD/incl to optimise loading based on context
(#7592) Replace all Augeas resource stubs with real resources
(#8011) Support temp repo URLs in pkgutil provider
(#14378) Skip context-based optimisation for complex expressions
(#14136) Emit debug/warnings when Augeas provider fails to load

Dominic Maraglia (4):
(#10032) Update test to run on solaris
(#11727) Fix support stdin test
(#11727) Another fix to 11727
(#11727) Move test for 11727 to pending

Dustin J. Mitchell (4):
Don't mask NoMethodErrors
(#16208) Better error messages for failed parameter validation
(#16208) use #{ref} instead of #{type} #{title} as suggested by
(#16208) fix tests

Eric Shamow (1):
(#7801) Modify include function to accept arrays

Eric Sorenson (12):
Merged updates to regexp_nodes from our production fork
Adds support for setting environment via regexp files
Mised a Fixme: Add link to redmine ticket describing ENC/env
(#15797) Change the argument to chkconfig from 'on' to 'reset'
(#15966) Update packaging files for 3.0.0rc4
(#15966) Update README.me for correct facter version dependency
(#15966) Update gem.rake task for correct facter version dependency
(#15739) Bump report_version since #10064 change its format
(#15739) Bump report_version since #10064 change its format
Revert "(#15797) Change the argument to chkconfig from 'on' to
(#15797) Update chkconfig test to reflect reality
(#16184) Improve example auth.conf

Eric Stonfer (1):
(#15346) add --source to the gem list command

Erik Dalén (1):
(#16175) Touch filebuckets contents when we get a new path

Erkan Yilmaz (1):
missing: )

François Beausoleil (1):
Documenting missing --noop option for puppet apply

Franz Pletz (2):
(#9443) Allow digits in face names
(#9160) Change logging facility to debug for not supported
provider features

Gary Larizza (2):
Fail if a lookup key isn't passed
Add test coverage for hiera_hash()

Genadi Samokovarov (1):
Move singleton require to puppet/util/storage.rb

Gleb Arshinov (1):
(#15920) Make forward-sexp ignore comments in puppet-mode.el

Greg Sutcliffe (2):
Add support for Yaourt (AUR helper) to Pacman provider
Correctly check that Yaourt is present

Hailee Kenney (22):
(#3909) Strip trailing dot from default FQDN
(#3909) Move default certname logic to Puppet::Settings
Revert "Merge branch 'non-string-resource-titles' of
https://github.com/nicklewis/puppet into 3.x"
Revert "Merge branch 'fixpid' of
https://github.com/vrthra/puppet into 3.x"
(#15514) Add compatibility with change to operatingsystem fact
(#11870) Add compatibility with recent Solaris changes
(#15752) Remove ca_days
(#15750) Remove setting `cacrl` to false
(#15758) Remove fact downcasing
(#15765) Don't allow setting recursion depth with `recurse`
(#15766) Remove 'path' as a valid parameter for the mount point
(#15760) Require $ on variables in definitions
(#15765) Raise error for invalid values for recurse parameter
(#15751) Remove `--apply` option
(#15753) Remove `reportserver` setting
(#15755) Remove `set_default_format` method
(#15763) Remove `mkmodelmethods` method
(#15762) Remove support for Facter versions below 1.5.5
(#15769) Remove `type` attribute for package
(#15771) Remove deprecations in Type objects
(#15752) Remove references to ca_days
(#15762) Clean up `reload_facter` method

Henrik Lindberg (4):
(#15735) Deprecate puppet kick, and agent --listen.
(#16189) Make --run_mode a global option and not a setting
Fix issue with chown failing in test.
(Maint) Add tests of passing undef as parameter.

Hunter Haugen (3):
Adding hiera_hash() Puppet function
Adding hiera_hash for CHANGES.txt
Rubygems is not required to use hiera

Jacob Helwig (20):
(#7581) Provide more detailed error message when missing gems on
Disable the master on Windows instead of blowing up with failed
(#8356) Specify setting type for color
(#8392) Disable master related tests on Windows
Disable symlink related file tests on Windows
Clarify logic and error messages when initializing
Consolidate test logic determining if a registered file is in
the temp directory
Treat Windows absolute paths as absolute paths
Always put a slash between the checksum and path in filebucket URLs
Disable file bucket diffing tests on Windows
Remove :fails_on_windows from file type tests that no longer
fail on Windows
Check for the appropriate permissions in File type tests on Windows
Add document outlining preferred contribution methods
Revert "Merge branch 'tickets/master/8011' of
Realign test/lib/puppettest.rb after the Great Indentation Change
Reset saved indirection state to an empty hash instead of nil
after restoring
Revert "Merge branch 'ticket/10081' of git://
(#3669) Find servers via DNS SRV records
Disable SRV lookups of hosts by default when testing
Use a sequence instead of a state machine in testing packman

Jakub Holy (2):
tidy.rb: Added info about the default value of 'type' to the doc.
tidy.rb: Added info about the default value of 'type' to the doc.

James Turnbull (6):
(#10064) Add the Puppet environment to reports
Fixed #11888 - Changed providers to use osfamily fact.
Fixed #10219 - uninitialized class variable Schedule type
Fixed #14975 - Fixed incorrect help text in puppet doc application
Fixed #14975 - Fixed incorrect help text in puppet doc application
Fixed #11686 - Updated documentation for exec timeout

Jason A. Smith (1):
(#7660) Add init script for puppet queue

Jeff Blaine (1):
Removed spurious "exec" from a debug string

Jeff McCune (66):
(minor) tweaks to modules README
(#8032) Add containment to create_resources
(maint) Make 3.0.x work with rspec-puppet
Fix Puppet::Util.execute is deprecated warning
Fix spec test failures from diff warning
(#15202) Make puppet module install create parent directories
(maint) Add trailing newlines to all files
(maint) Standardize on /usr/bin/env ruby -S rspec
(maint) Remove duplicate key in requestdir default
(Maint) Add tags to .gitignore for ctags
(Maint) Fix Could not find Puppet Face :foo
(#15307) Fix puppet help when a face throws an exception
(maint) Whitespace only settings_spec.rb cleanup Without
this patch there was a bunch of whitespace related issues at the end
of the settings_spec.rb file. This patch is a whitespace only
change that cleans these up.
(#3120) Disambiguate the localcacert setting
(#3120) Fixup default descriptions
(maint) Add Puppet::Parser::Scope.new_for_test_harness
Add watchr script
(Maint) Use PuppetlabsSpec::PuppetSeams.parser_scope
(Maint) Fix mock error with hiera module
(Maint) Fix missing spec_helper lines in some tests
(Maint) Rename PuppetlabsSpec::Puppet{Seams,Internals}
(Maint) Rename PuppetlabsSpec::Puppet{Seams,Internals}
(Maint) Whitespace cleanup of CONTRIBUTING.md
Add HOWTO hint on topic branches in CONTRIBUTING
Make the example in CONTRIBUTING imperative and concrete
Mark git diff --check as inline code
(Maint) Add cprice to Git mailmap
(Maint) Move Trollop inside of Puppet
(Maint) Use $LOAD_PATH instead of $:
(Maint) Clean up markdown in README_DEVELOPER
(#15337) Do not merge user and system puppet.conf
(#15940) Add test coverage for rdoc exclude option
(#15346) Add spec test for --source when checking latest
(Maint) Fix rspec options file
(#15464) Make contributing easy via bundle Gemfile
Move Puppet version into lib/puppet/version.rb
(#15464) Make Puppet usable as a Gem from source
(#15464) Make Puppet.version settable via Puppet.version=
Revert "Merge branch
into 2.7.x"
Revert "Revert "Merge branch
into 2.7.x""
(#15464) Exclude gem command from bundler
(Maint) Fix Puppet.version in 3.x
(Maint) Fix Puppet::Util.execute warning
(#15797) Add test coverage for redhat service provider
(Maint) Whitespace only cleanup
(#15797) Disable RedHat services in all run levels
Whitespace only cleanup
(Maint) Stop watchr from reading non-existent spec.opts
(#15193) Document how to use the static compiler
Document the different forms of catalogs to help test writers
(#15193) Add spec test coverage for static compiler
(#15193) Fix StaticCompiler#store_content
(#15193) Fix windows failing on unix style paths
(#2888) Add settings catalog info to README_DEVELOPER
(#2888) Fix race condition with puppetdlockfile
(#3757) Rename agent_pidfile to agent_catalog_run_lockfile
(Maint) Improve error message when catalog run is in progress
(Maint) Make puppet module install --confdir=foo puppetlabs-stdlib
(Maint) Add test coverage for --confdir=/tmp/puppet patch
(#7316) Load applications from the modulepath
(Maint) Fix spec failures with Puppet::Face[]
Revert "Merge branch 'fix/3.x/7316_load_faces_from_modulepath' into
Revert "Merge branch 'fix/3.x/fix_puppet_face_failures' into 3.x"
Revert "Merge branch 'revert/3.x/faces_from_modulepath' into 3.x"
(maint) Fix Failed to load face errors
(Maint) Remove rspec from shebang line

Jeff Weiss (32):
(#7762) In DSL allow UNLESS as replacement for IF NOT
(#11593) Remove support for OS X 10.4 and earlier
(#11593) Remove support for OS X 10.4 and earlier
(#11593) Remove support for OS X 10.4 and earlier
(#11593) Remove support for OS X 10.4 and earlier
(#12401) Remove files that should have been removed earlier
(#12399) DRY up rest.rb
(#13296) 'unless' as a parameter inside a resource causes syntax
(#4146) Refactor Nagios to module
(#13296) allow any keyword as resource param name
(#13435) Change default signing digest algorithm
(#12396) DRY up self.timeout
(documentation) Change README.md to use backtick
(#13898) Fail Face when option collides w/ setting
(#13898) Fail Face when option collides w/ setting
(maint) Add provider confine :exists => nil spec
(maint) Get provider specs working on windows
(#13966) Remove Puppet[:name] option
(#14072) Allow faces to inline global setting docs
(#13948) $libdir not in $LOAD_PATH
(#13966) Fix default pidfile race condition
(maint) Fix acceptance test for Windows
(#13349) Fix incorrect scope behavior
(#13349) Add integration test for incorrect scope
(maint) Make Puppet have hard dependency on Facter 2.0
(maint) Change Facter dep from exit to raise
(maint) Update README.md w/ min Facter ver
(#15731) Full certificate metadata for pson
(#15731) explicit fingerprint digest for pson
(#14515) Tests fail with mocha 0.11.4
(#15731) Move explicit fingerprints to hash
(#15731) Add clarifying comments to host.rb

Joe Hillenbrand (1):
Show the process line matched for services in debug.

Jonathan Grochowski (1):
(#10081) Creating RC tarballs should be handled by rake.

Josh Cooper (88):
(#8356) Color defaults to false on Windows
(#8268) Fix resource harness spec tests
(#8489) Consistently use File::PATH_SEPARATOR
(#8268) Require windows drive letters in absolute file paths
Fix tests with "relative" paths on Windows
Maint: Tagged spec tests that are known to fail on Windows
Maint: Don't test for extended signals on Windows
Maint: Fix miscellaneous tests
Fix spec test failure on 1.9.2
Update certificate spec tests for Windows
Disable spec tests for unsupported functionality on Windows
Fix issue with forward and backslashes in Windows paths
(#8663) Reenable spec tests on Windows that now pass
(#8663) The ssh_authorized_key type is not supported on Windows
(#8663) Update the run_mode spec test on Windows to match the code
(#8663) Drive letters are not valid absolute paths on Windows
(#8663) Disable spec tests for unsupported functionality on Windows
(#8660) Default config dir to %PROGRAMDATA% on Windows
(#8660) Fix destdir option on Windows
(#8644) Host provider on Windows
(#8663) Exclude git rev-parse HEAD spec test on Windows
(#8663) Exclude exec timeout test on Windows
maint: Fix build break due to recent merge from 2.7.x to master
(#7592) Remove redundant call to String#to_s
Maint: Don't use cached catalogs
Maint: Actually test that a file can be sourced from remote master
Maint: Fix parenthesize warning message
(Maint) Tempfile paths on Mac contain '+' which must be escaped
(Maint) Allow '+' to appear in generate function commands
(Maint) Mark failing tests as pending on Windows
Maint: Escape command in regexp
(#14441) Require instrumentation indirections
Maint: Actually execute the tests on non-windows platforms
(Maint): Re-enable tests on Windows
(#11870) Add registry module
(#11870) Refactor windows-specific requires
(#11870) Add package options parameter
(#15803) Split string for ruby 1.9
(#15471) Specify platform appropriate confdir
(#11870) Refactor the MSI provider to use package options
(#11870) Add the ability to specify uninstall_options
(#11870) Deprecate the `:msi` provider
(#11870) Refactor package management logic for MSI
(#11870) Manage executable packages on Windows
(#9416) Confine based on the presence of a `zfs` command
(#9416) Confine based on the presence of a `zpool` command
(#9416) Refactor zfs spec tests
(#9416) Refactor zpool spec tests
(#15686) Test for package provider features
(Maint) Simplify spec test
(#15686) Fix `odd number of arguments for Hash`
(Maint) Removed unnecessary stubbing
(maint) Include backtrace in re-raised exception
(maint) Whitespace cleanup
(maint) Remove spurious `puts` line
(maint) Consolidate flat file tests
(maint) Refactor filetype specs
(#14283) Raise an error when crontab returns non-zero on AIX
(#14283) Call Tempfile#close and #unlink separately
(#11870) Pass a list of Arrays to multiple_yields
(Maint) Include the registry key path in the exception
(#11870) Ignore uninstall keys that don't exist
(Maint) Skip crontab filetype tests on Windows
(#15693) Allow restart command to be specified
(Maint) Enable colorized rspec output on Windows
(#16137) Delay evaluation of config and var directories
Maint: Make paths absolute on Windows
Maint: Use pending block
(#15591) Skip test that causes segfault on Windows
(#15560) Refactor LogonUser
(#15560) Create the user's profile if managehome is true
(#15560) Delete user's profile after deleting account
(#16119) Recognize carriage return escape sequence
(#16019) Don't add Unix paths to Windows search path
Maint: Fix leaked tempfile handle
Maint: Fix inconsistent expect-should usage
(#16208): Correct spec test to match new failed parameter message
Maint: Fix mismatched expect-should
(#12630) Run puppet agent as a service
(#13027) Guard against invalid runinterval values
(#16347) Replace \x92 character with apostrophe
(#16347) Qualify references to windows-pr gem
Maint: Clear global state between tests
Maint: Clear memory instances
Maint: Clear parsedfile target and default_target
Maint: Don't overwrite outer sum variable
Maint: Ensure manages_password_age feature is set
Maint: Fix intermittently failing spec test

Joshua Harlan Lifton (1):
(#7110) Better SSL error message certificate doesn't match key

Justin Stoller (1):
Make Puppet's gem package task the same name as other Puppetlabs'

Kelsey Hightower (20):
(#11115) Support spec tests under rspec 2.7.x
(#8701) waitforcert param configurable for puppet agent
(#8235) Add plug-in system for tools like Hiera
(#8235) Improve Hiera data_binding test coverage
(#14348) Hiera is the default data binding terminus
(#14391) Fix inaccurate message from Hiera data lookups
(#14461) Remove Puppet parser functions
Revert "Merge branch '2.7.x'"
(maint) Manually resolve broken merge of 2.7.x
(maint) Add data binding Hiera tests
Revert "(#14461) Remove Puppet parser functions"
(#14514) Check for the presence of hiera config
(#14900) Add data bindings hiera-puppet support.
(maint) Follow Puppet Labs style guide + code cleanup
(maint) parser functions do not require hiera.yaml
(maint) Add acceptance tests
(#15184) Refactor parser functions
(maint) Hiera Puppet now has a LICENSE file
(#15105) Update README YAML examples
(#7788) Extend Puppet using rubygems

Ken Barber (14):
(#14124) Load rake tasks directly to fix tests for Ruby 1.9.x
(#14598) Add SSL support for forge interaction
(#15202) Fix acceptance tests for creating non-existance directories
(#15320) pmt generate generated _gitignore instead of .gitignore
Fix tests response for nonexistent_directory tests
(#15492) Deprecate the usage of Puppet::Util.execute in module face
(#15493) Fix test to expect https not http
(#15533) Change puppet module build to build the module in cwd
(or parents)
(#15549) Missing coverage for
Puppet::ModuleTool.find_module_root and is_module_root?
Fix find_module_root tests so paths are expanded in assertions
(#15676) Fix puppet module face SSL acceptance tests to use
masters real hostname
(#15666) Include downstream error when raising
CommunicationsError exception
(#15521) Convert to using host stub wrapper
Fix missing forge stub and directory check due to test change in
3.x branch rollup

Ken Dreyer (2):
(#7442) solaris: add tests for password_max_age attribute
(#7442) solaris: return "-1" for password_max_age when password
aging is disabled

Lauri Tirkkonen (3):
(#8465) Support SSL in HTTP report via HttpPool
(#8465) Fix args to http_instance in spec
(#8465) Test for SSL if using https reporturl

Lee Lowder (1):
(#15940) Update puppet doc to ignore files and templates in modules

Luke Kanies (18):
(7080) Adding json support to Indirector Request
Adding json support to Puppet::Node
Making Fact json handling more resilient
Switching to use of json matchers
(#7080) Registering PSON document types
Adding []/[]= support to Scope
Adding default environment to Scope
Resource type defaults cleanup
Adding Scope#include? method
Adding Scope#each method
Improving an error message
Cleanup up a small amount of whitespace
Fixing default parameter value assignment
Cleaning up indentation in versoncmp function
Making the Functions module more resilient
Removing an unnecessary stub in the Scope tests
Fixing a failing test because of mismatched error string
Scope[] now returns nil for undefined variables

Marc Fournier (3):
(#9416) Rename zfs provider from solaris to zfs
(#9416) Rename zpool provider from solaris to zpool
(#13938) Add dedup parameter to zfs provider

Markus Roberts (1):
Fix for #3984 -- SELinux warns about changes it doesn't actually

Matt Blair (1):
one half the contributions

Matt Robinson (6):
maint: Fix order dependent spec failure
(#11552) Remove TransObject and TransBucket
(#11595) Delete unused activerecord catalog find
(#8296) Remove XMLRPC code
Fix augeas_spec branch merging mistake
(#11552) Fix `puppet resource` ability to display parameters

Matthaus Litteken (42):
Updating CHANGELOG, conf/redhat/puppet.spec,
conf/redhat/rundir-perms.patch, and man pages for 3.0.0rc1 release.
Add mac packaging to hiera-puppet
Move conf to ext directory
Add debian packaging for hiera-puppet
Add Redhat packaging to hiera-puppet
Add package task to tasks
Updating CHANGELOG for hiera-puppet 1.0.0rc1
Tweak debian packaging
Updating CHANGELOG, conf/redhat/puppet.spec for Puppet 3.0.0rc2
Update redhat init scripts to use `puppet (agent|queue|master)`
Update puppet gem dependencies
Update redhat.spec dependency to include hiera-puppet
Updating CHANGELOG, conf/redhat/puppet.spec for 3.0.0rc3
(#14843, #14844) Add block to Puppet::Provider.execpipe
Remove puppetlabs_spec_helper require from root Rakefile
(maint) Replace .should on blocks with .to
Update hiera-puppet package tasks
Update debian package task to handle orig version properly and
use the correct directory name when building.
Update hiera-puppet hiera dependency to ~> 1.0
Update CHANGELOG for 1.0.0rc2
(#15291) Add Vendor tag to Hiera-Puppet spec file
Add hiera_puppet.rb to debian, redhat packages, fix gem version
(#15853) Update gem dependencies to reflect rc ordering
Updating CHANGELOG for 1.0.0rc3
(#15852) Allow rc in Puppet and Facter version strings
(#15852) Remove version check from puppet_spec.rb
Updating CHANGELOG, PUPPETVERSION for 3.0.0-rc4
Updating CHANGELOG for 1.0.0, changing hiera dependency to ~> 1.0
Moving windows service into the ext directory.
Update packaging to account for hiera-puppet merge
(#16144) Update puppet spec file for fedora 17 and systemd changes
Update puppet.spec.erb to correct rpmlint issues
Update puppet.spec, bump required ruby to 1.8.7
Remove sbin references from install.rb
Replace Config::CONFIG with RbConfig::CONFIG
Add --ruby flag to install.rb
Update debian ruby dependencies to include 1.9
Remove svn specific code from install.rb
Removing hiera-puppet dependency from project_defaults
Updating lib/puppet/version.rb for 3.0.0-rc7
Update default cows and mocks
Updating PUPPETVERSION for 3.0.0-rc8

Matthias Pigulla (4):
(#9357) Delegate to install when upgrading MacPorts packages
(#8314) Ignore variants in installed macports packages
(#8319) Fix macports provider when ensure is latest but the
package is not present
(#8374) Make MacPorts provider ignore warnings from port command

Michael Kincaid (3):
Configure rcov and flay tests for metric_fu.
Put the output in the user's TMPDIR, rather than the source tree.
Change one test to use the new confine syntax.

Michael Stahnke (3):
Ready repository for release process
Update main readme to have links to contrib and dev docs
Update main readme to have links to contrib and dev docs

Michael Warren (1):
(#12402) split log messages into individual lines before sending to

Moses Mendoza (23):
Update CHANGELOG, version.rb, redhat.spec for 3.0.0rc5
Add yaml files
Switch off building gem for 2.7.x
Move redhat spec file to erb template in ext/redhat
Add debian packaging artifacts and template
Move and template all apple pkging artifacts to ext/osx
Fixup Rakefile to use packaging repo
Add in manpage listings that should have been there
Remove broken dual build-requires of facter in redhat spec
Remove version check regex from puppet
Fix yum repo path in yaml file
Fixup debian artifacts for 3.x
Fixup for different source paths
remove old tasks and pull out of rake subdir
Move all packaging artifacts from conf to ext
Remove debian manpages that are obsolete in 3.x
Remove old apple package rake task
Update lib/puppet/version.rb for 3.0.0-rc6
remove non-applicable artifacts in packaging
Fixup apple package plist for use with packaging repo
Remove CHANGELOG file
Remove references to CHANGELOG in packaging
Update lib/puppet/version.rb for 3.0.0

Nan Liu (2):
(#8814) Update fqdn_rand for ruby 1.9.2 rand bug.
(#12037) hiera-puppet should support hash values.

Nicholas Hubbard (1):
options[:ca_location] is a string not a symbol. Safer to pull
Puppet::SSL::Host.ca_location since it is already set correctly.

Nick Fagerlund (5):
Maint: Fix borked help/man output for node clean
Fix typo in create_resources function's description string
Maint: Large or complex HEREDOC strings w/ no interpolation
should be single-quote type
Update docs w/ new default logoutput value from ticket #10907
Update description of HTTP/HTTPS report

Nick Lewis (26):
Remove Puppet::Network::HttpPool keep_alive handling
Remove use of Util::Cacher in FileServing::Configuration
Remove use of Util::Cacher from FileServing::Mount::File
Remove unused require 'puppet/util/cacher' from Network::HttpPool
Remove Util::Cacher usage from SSL::CertificateAuthority
Remove Puppet::Util::Cacher usage from Puppet::Util::Settings
Remove cached_attrs from Puppet::Type::File
Remove caching from the catalog, types, and parameters
Remove Puppet::Util::Cacher use from Puppet::Indirector::Indirection
Remove dead uses of Puppet::Util::Cacher from autoloader
Remove use of Puppet::Util::Cacher in Puppet::SSL::Host
Rework Puppet::Util::Cacher to only expire using TTLs
Don't use non-1.8.5-compatible methods 'Object#tap' and
(#8272) Fixup logging in Windows service provider
(#8272) Use symbols instead of booleans for enabled property on
(#8272) Refactor specs for Windows service provider
(#8272) Allow disabled Windows services to be started
(#8408/8409) Add a Windows ADSI helper module
(#8408) Add a default user provider for Windows
(#8409) Add a default group provider for Windows
Stop trying to make config directories in Windows specs
Don't try to read the body of a file content response twice
Fix failing acceptance test in resource/file/source_attribute.rb
Provide a helpful error message when name resolution fails
Revert "Provide a helpful error message when name resolution fails"
Fix incorrect command execution in acceptance test

Nick Stokoe (1):
puppet apply manual - correct inconsistent example of using
config params as options

Niels Abspoel (1):
systemd unit files added on own branch for pull request to
satisfy issue 16144 : https://projects.puppetlabs.com/issues/16144

Patrick (1):
(#8296) Remove logic around XMLRPC vs REST protocols

Patrick Carlisle (162):
(#6830) Fix macports provider under ruby 1.9.2
Fix tests for MacPorts provider when MacPorts is not installed
(#12060) Remove factsync
(#11858) Don't load plugins during sync.
Revert "(#11858) Don't load plugins during sync."
(#12127) Implement local pluginsync from modulepath for puppet apply
(#12127) Add acceptance test for pluginsync on puppet apply
(#2244) Plugin mount return a directory if modulepath is valid
but has no plugins
(#2244) Remove nil results from remote file recursion
(#5521) Enable pluginsync by default
Clear deprecation warnings after each test.
Fix Windows test that was broken in merge from 2.7.x.
(#12126) Rename loaded to mark_loaded to avoid conflict with new
(#12126) Improve autoloading specs
(#12126) Refactor Puppet::Util::Autoload
(#12126) Track mtime of autoloaded files
(#12126) Implement reloading changed files
Remove Puppet::Util::Autoload::FileCache.
(#12126) When reloading files detect changes anywhere in the load
(#12126) Remove unnecessary searchpath method
(#11858) When syncing plugins, use autoloader to reload changes
(#12126) Mark a file as loaded when starting to load instead of
(#12126) Use $LOADED_FEATURES instead of $" in autoloader.
(#12126) Normalize path names to avoid unnecessary reloading
(#12126) Update comments in Autoload to reflect reality
(#12126) Fix autoload spec on windows
(#12891) Make features reloadable
(#12763) Use autoloader for each face's actions
(#12763) Allow actions to be redefined in faces
(#12882) Make functions reloadable
(#12126) Fix autoload for ruby 1.8.5
Fix up2date spec for ruby 1.8.5
Fix order dependent spec failure caused by formats_spec
(#3910) Include environment in catalog
Remove unused clear method in configurer
(#3910) Make puppet agent use environment specified in catalog
(#3910) Acceptance tests for environments and ENC
Fix loading of faces in specs
Skip pluginsync in puppet apply if no modulepath
(#3910) Add acceptance test for case of enc that doesn't specify
(#3910) Use the requested environment of node as default in exec
Rename dostorage to init_storage
Refactor removing prepare in configurer
Clean up the exec indirection terminus
(#3910) Query node before fetching catalog to determine environment
(#3910) Set environment locally in configurer
(#3910) Thread environment through plugin downloader
(#3910) Give environment in indirection calls in configurer
(#3910) Use catalog's environment when fetching file content
Make positional arguments distinct in Request#initialize
(#3910) Give environment as argument to indirection requests
(#3910) Default to no cache for nodes on master
Fix file path used in enc acceptance test
(#3910) Add nodes to auth.conf in acceptance tests
Add default_file_terminus setting
(#13966) Remove remaining uses of :name setting
Munge settings in value instead of set_value
(#14229) Add a path type to settings
Remove type hack from file settings
Use expand_path to normalize paths in autoloader
Update use of reparse to reparse_config_files
(#13341) Add wrapped exceptions
(#13341) Log nested exceptions
(#13858) Use current environment when loading types
Remove deprecated standalone executables
Fix loading of constant_inflector
Remove the standalone puppet executables in sbin
Remove manpages for legacy executables that are gone
Remove references to legacy executables in the code
Split out the basic setting behaviors into BaseSetting
Create an exception hierarchy for settings
Move settings out of util
Move rubygems require to executable entry points to Puppet
Interpret global version option only if no subcommand
Set node_terminus in device application
Use ExternalFileError when a file name and line are needed
Remove duplicated buggy fail definition
Add debugging in environment acceptance test
Restart master for each agent in ENC test to get around caching
(#12122) Use nil as default answer in lookup
(#14841) Give useful error for array or hash lookup failure
(#14841) Add test for hiera_hash parser function
(#14841) Add test coverage for remaining hiera parser functions
(#14789) Fix inconsistent normalization and API in autoloader
(#14927) Set node environment correctly in termini
When changing environment make sure to state what the new
environment is
(#15024) Improve error logging in fileserver conf
Use in memory sqlite database for unit tests
Stub pkginfo when installing in openbsd spec
Stub sleep in runit provider test
Fix assignment in argument in metatype
Store into $LOADED_FEATURES with .rb extension
Cleanup unnecessary code in environment
Refactor module to require path and environment args
Only cache module_directories once settings are initialized
Escape unicode in ca specs
Fix webrick spec to work on Windows
Preserve ordering when returning module list
Refactor ast_spec to use real values
Pull out initialization of resource class? and stage?
Reduce stubs and expectations on settings
Fix specs for windows
Use Puppet::Util to check absolute path in ca
Fix paths for pidlock tests for windows
Remove 'pending' status for getting SSL::Host
Use rspec 2.11 compatible block syntax
Make 3.x specs compatible with rspec 2.11
(#15668) Don't pluginsync for apply
Remove Network::Authorization code which was only used for XMLRPC
Remove deprecated method of accessing files in modules
Remove code for XMLRPC namespaces
Merge RestAuthConfig into AuthConfig
Rename {rest_,}authorization.rb
Add allow_ip and deny_ip keywords to auth.conf
Rename rest_authconfig_spec to authconfig_spec
Merge the old RestAuthConfig specs into the specs for AuthConfig
Refactor AuthConfig parsing into AuthConfigParser
Remove proxy methods going from Rights to Right
Only load auth.conf once
(#15786) Allow plain http connections for report processors
Don't issue deprecation warnings for allow_ip
Fix stubbing on nil in some specs
Don't require mocha in spec_helper
Rename specs to end in _spec.rb
Avoid stubbing Thread::new due to issues in newer mocha
Clear Environment.current when calling Environment.clear
Add Puppet::Parser::Functions::clear for specs
Convert expect..should to expect..to in configurer spec
Use TestHelper in old unit tests
Always set log functions on root environment
Test that facts preserve case
Add rake task to regenerate parser
(#15912) Make function access consistent
(#7788) Rely on Rubygems caching of directories
(#16058) Add setting to configure catalog cache
(#16058) Set pson as default catalog cache format
Add a terminus setting type
(#16058) Add setting to configure catalog cache
(#16058) Set pson as default catalog cache format
Add a terminus setting type
Don't pollute Functions namespace in shellquote function
Backport fix for commandline spec
Don't make executables in /tmp in posix_spec
(#15733) Remove mongrel support
(#15733) Remove servertype setting
(#15733) Simplify bindaddress logic for webrick
(#13563) Verify CSRs against the embedded public key
(#15733) Use real arguments for Puppet::Network::Server
(#15733) Remove excess hash arguments for webrick
(#16275) Don't set $environment as a local fact
Fix for windows paths in hiera-puppet specs
Clean up acceptance tests merged from hiera-puppet
Set ca_location in ca face
(#13435) Use digest algorithm from CSR for fingerprint
(#13435) Use new digest code when generating a CSR
(#13435) Convert digest to string in cert interface
(#13435) Use SHA256 for puppet agent --fingerprint
Pass wrapped real scope to DataBinding
(#16221) Make undef not override default parameters
Extract methods from set_default_parameters and improve test
Stub DataBinding in undef param tests

Paul Mucur (1):
Add pkgin package provider

Peter Meier (1):
false vs. nil - supporting false as default value

Piavlo (1):
(Bug #11281) Correct Fix of undefined method `file?' for
Puppet::Type::File:Class with ruby 1.9.2

R. Tyler Croy (6):
Use a valid locale when setting LC_ALL in the exec posix provider
Introduce a Gemfile to make dependency management easier for new
(and old) contributors
Add the parallel_tests gem to the Gemfile for speedier specs
Remove the unnecessary Gemfile.lock
Switch Rakefile off deprecated rake/gempackagetask
Switch Rakefile off deprecated rake/gempackagetask

R.I.Pienaar (20):
First working hiera() function and a logger that logs using
puppet notice/debug
Add a hash like wrapper around puppet scope
Add a puppet backend that impliments Nigels design
Add a debug statement
Add tests and fix bugs found with tests
Add more tests, fix more bugs
Rename tests dir to unit dir for consistancy with other projects
Improve sample config and mention installation pains
Add a example setup Fix some unfriendly behavior wrt class
names that don't resolve using scope
Fix formating and make clearer
Improve example
Add apache 2 lic
Add array search support
Fix spec failure
Add a hiera_include() function and update example
Add a hiera_array() function and fix args parsing
Update changes
Release 0.2.0
Add tests to scope for calling_class and calling_module handling

Rahul (1):
12465 : update the service to use its own pid at /var/run/puppet.pid

Rahul Gopinath (3):
(#15686) Ensure exception message is a string
(#15686) Refactor install and uninstall methods
(#8288) pkgadd - allow -G to be specified as an install option

Ricky Zhou (1):
Fixes #8119 - Write to a temporary file and move when storing

Roman Barczyński (1):
(#15665) Fix issue with eix-update on newer eix (>=0.25.2).

Russ Allbery (1):
Updates and bug fixes to puppet-mode.el

S. Zachariah Sprackett (3):
Add stdin parsing to puppet parser validate
Add gitignore to default puppet module
Add stdin parsing to puppet parser validate

Sean Millichamp (7):
(#10328) Add 'weekday' parameter to schedule type
(#10328) Convert class variable to instance variable
(#13054) Add day-spanning support to schedule's range parameter
(#13054) Fix spanning days with day-of-week in schedule
Tidy up ScheduleTest includes in schedule spec tests
(#7639) Assume unspecified time components are zero
(#7639) Tests covering edge cases testing schedule boundaries

Stefan Schulte (9):
maint: Refactor suntab and aixtab filetype
(#14283) Fix suntab filetype when run as normal user
maint: Rearrange tests in useradd unittests
maint: Reduce stubbing in useradd spec
(#15959) Do not support system user on Solaris and HP-UX
maint: Rearrange tests in groupadd unittests
maint: Reduce stubbing in groupadd spec
(#15959) Do not support system group on Solaris and HP-UX
(#15959) Fix groupadd/useradd spec when run on non-linux systems

Steven Lindberg (5):
(#7962) Added settings class for handling time intervals.
(#7962) Added rate-limiting logger utility
(#7962) Added `from_instance()` method to base SSL class
(#7962) Added certificate expiration 'nearness' logic
(#7962) Added certificate expiration checks.

Tim Bielawa (1):
Fix specfile to account for removal of XMLRPC code in commit

Uwe Stuehler (1):
More details in metaparameter redefinition warning

Whyme.Lyu (6):
Be specific when stubbing @resource[:name]
Use pacman -U to install from source
Accept URL as pacman package source
Make the URL part of pacman_spec DRY
Sync database before installing from source
Use actual package instance instead of stub

Will Hopper (2):
Update Debian packaging rake task to correctly create the
Update Debian packaging rake task to correctly create the

codec (1):
(#10907) default for exec provider log output is on_failure

peter (1):
Add documentation for puppet apply --noop

rahul (88):
15547 : use a clean env for builtin check
15547 : valid locales as sentinel and check
15547 : Add home environemnt to pkgutil
(#15547) remove the spaec between method and ()
12465 : update the spec to make sure upgrade happens seamlessly.
(#15547) mock of facter :operatingsystem pending
(#15644) make sure parse_line is in scope
(#15803) add self.instances to zpool provider
(#10978) add instances to smf
(#15804) add zfs instances
(#15547) make sure that the LANG sentinels being used are present
(#15569) ensure that augeas prints parse errors.
(#15644) add test case to check for packages that are yet to be
(#8200) validate only if we can (especially path)
(#7175) ensure ensurable uses symbols in zone
(#15644) refactor the parse_line so that it supports the newer
(#15644) ensure that pkg installation is non-interactive
(Maint) Fix assertion about locale to correct value.
(#16157) Puppet should not print out spurious messages
(#16157) ensure that mirror and raidz are used as subcommands
(#16160) handle aclmode and shareiscsi removal.
(#15547) correct 'pending' values to correct if check for solaris.
(#8200) Ensure zonecfg errors are caught
(Maint) Update the test cases to use the 'let'
(#8200) Munge the ensurable value
(#8200) Change path from parameter to property
(Maint) : fix the jenkins failure for setconfig
(#7986) make solaris pkg versionable.
(#7986) check if pkg is the default provider for opensolaris
(#6143) ensure that destroy works for zpools
(Maint) dont fail on path unless absolutely required.
(Maint) - simplify methods in ZoneMultiConfigProperty (adds wrap).
(Maint) Type Zone : fix formatting, comments
(#15886) Refactor state machine
(Maint) simplify line2hash, ensure iptype exclusive property is
(#15886) remove ZoneConfig and ZoneMultiConfig
(#15886) getstatus should rename ip-type to iptype
(#15886) commit the complete commands at the end.
(maint) commit the complete commands at the end.
(#16157) Fail rather than warn
(Maint) split the long line
(#16239) mock of facter :operatingsystem pending
(Maint) stub FileTest.directory?
(maint) Ignore the packaging workdirs
(packaging) add ips packaging for solaris 11
(maint) Update to tests for solaris
(acceptance) utils: add zoneutils to acceptance lib
(acceptance) zone: add test case to check for ip functionality
(acceptance) zone: add test case to check for dataset functionality
(acceptance) zone: path test cases
(acceptance) zone: step zone states one at a time
(acceptance) zone: test cases for the included statemachine
(acceptance: #4840) add test case to verify zone creation
(acceptance) utils: add cron utils
(acceptance) cron: adds test cases for cron
(acceptance) utils: add ips utils
(acceptance) ips: adding ips test cases
(acceptance) utils: add smf utils
(acceptance) smf: add test cases
(accpetance) utils: add zfs utils to helper
(acceptance) zfs: add zfs test cases
(acceptance) utils: add zpool utils to the acceptance helper
(acceptance) zpool: add acceptance tests
(acceptance) Fix incorrect command invocation.
(acceptance) Fix incorrect command invocation.
(acceptance) use facter to find the system name and fqdn
(acceptance) Add documentation to the test cases.
(acceptance) solaris : update package name for cron
(acceptance) Move feature tests to 'resources'
(acceptance) provide more rubust service script and fix smf
(acceptance) fix zones: ensure that we pass a vallid interface
name, fix name typo, sizes
(acceptance) utils: cleanup - refactor zone utils so that we
check before cleanup
(acceptnace) disable two tests that fails in solaris temporarily.
(acceptance) disable zone tests that require installation
(#16239) mock of facter :operatingsystem pending
(packaging) adds ips support for shipping and signing
(#16425) ensure that first time install of speciifc version works
(#16120) ips package provider gets feature holdable.
(#16120) ips package provider gets feature holdable.
(#16430) acceptance: refactor zone tests
(#16430) acceptance: refactor cron tests
(#16430) acceptance: refactor package ips
(#16430) refactor smf tests
(#16430) refactor zfs tests
(#16430) refactor zpool test cases.
(maint) convert user_role_add_spec to the new format of writing
test cases.
(maint) use described_class.new for getting the provider instance.
(maint) add hiera to ext/envpuppet path and libpath
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