I have a master with puppet 2.7 and a client with puppet 2.6. (both debian)
I have configured "pluginsync = true" on both sides to install the pip
provider on all machines (not all have puppet >= 2.7).
Within a module I copied the pip.rb from a github repo, and I get the
following message if I try to install a package via pip:

node a_test { include foo }

class foo {
package {'numpy':
ensure => installed,
provider => pip,

To install the pip provider via pluginsync I put it within:

It syncs correctly, but it reports following error message:

a_client:/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/puppet/provider/package# puppet agent --test
info: Retrieving plugin
info: Caching catalog for a_client
err: Could not prefetch package provider 'pip': undefined method
`which' for Puppet::Type::Package::ProviderPip:Class
info: Applying configuration version '1347987640'
err: /Stage[main]/Foo/Package[numpy]: Could not evaluate: undefined
method `which' for Puppet::Type::Package::ProviderPip:Class
notice: Finished catalog run in 1.52 seconds

Any idea why this does not work?
Does anyone know a solution or workaround?

All the best, Sandor Szücs

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