It's the time of year again where we gather the Puppet faithful from
around the world and hold PuppetConf. What started last year in
Portland is moving to San Francisco this year, with a bigger venue,
more tracks and amazing speakers. PuppetConf 2012 takes place in San
Francisco, from September 27–28.

So, why am I emailing you today about it? Well, early bird pricing
ends today. Tomorrow, prices jump from $500/ticket to $750.

The speakers this year look amazing. We have people from large
enterprise, small startups, scientists, academics and everything in
between. The speaker line-up is mostly published as we're still
finalizing a couple things. [2]. We have tracks focused on beginners,
many interesting case studies from companies using Puppet in
interesting ways, some amazing operations theory and idea talks, and
of course some great stuff from Puppet Labs.

There are also a few training seats left for the few days before
PuppetConf. If you buy a training ticket, you get into PuppetConf for

Thanks, and we hope to see you in September!

Mike Stahnke

[1] http://puppetconf.com/register/
[2] http://puppetconf.com/uncategorized/an-almost-complete-list-of-puppetconf-speakers-and-topics/
[3] http://www.puppetlabs.com/category/events/upcoming/

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