This is the way we currently define nodes using modules/classes. Unsure if
this is the best method but as dashboard does not do parameterized class
variables seems the right way.

We apparent zen_ to everything thats making up our servers. I am having
problems with the MySQL module as I need to include mysql:: several times
to get the features - https://github.com/puppetlabs/puppetlabs-mysql

err: Could not retrieve catalog from remote server: Error 400 on SERVER:
Duplicate declaration: Class[Mysql] is already declared; cannot redeclare

I question if we are using the right approach with puppet and if this is
the right way to define types of servers.

Module: - zen_puppet01opslab

[email protected]:/etc/puppet/modules/zen_puppet01opslab/manifests# cat init.pp

class zen_puppet01opslab {
class { 'zen_puppet01opslab::puppetdashboard': }
class { 'zen_puppet01opslab::puppetdashboard_mysql': }

roo[email protected]:/etc/puppet/modules/zen_puppet01opslab/manifests# cat
class zen_puppet01opslab::puppetdashboard {
class { 'dashboard':
dashboard_ensure => 'present',
dashboard_user => 'puppet-dashboard',
dashboard_group => 'puppet-dashboard',
dashboard_password => 'XXXXX',
dashboard_db => 'dashboard_prod',
dashboard_charset => 'utf8',
dashboard_site => $fqdn,
dashboard_port => '8141',
mysql_root_pw => 'XXXXXX',
# passenger => true,

roo[email protected]:/etc/puppet/modules/zen_puppet01opslab/manifests# cat
class zen_puppet01opslab::puppetdashboard_mysql {
class { 'mysql': }
# 'mysql::ruby':
# 'mysql::server':
mysql::ruby { 'bleh': }
mysql::server { 'bleh':
config_hash => { 'root_password' => 'secretmysqlpassword' }

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