On line application:

We're in the early stages of a transition from 10 years of CFengine
use to Puppet and transitioning from Debian Squeeze to Ubuntu 12.04 as
our supported server and workstation release, and an OpenStack
deployment, and a Hadoop deployment, and ZFS on FreeBSD is taking over
our NFS world from the commercial NAS vendors, and we have a Condor
HPC cluster that could use some TLC, and....

The open position is a midlevel Linux focused sysadmin, though you
will need to touch some Windows and Mac systems without crying, bonus
points for FreeBSD. It is about 50% end user interaction and 50%
infrastructure work. All the projects above do have project leads
though some could use more help than others it's a wish list not a
requirements list (and mostly the things I'm working on so the list
really does go on with those ellipsis), bonus points for FreeBSD, the
boring stuff is in the official link above.

Sorry make that a "GNU/Linux Focused Sysadmin", I tell ya, you're not
a real sysadmin until you've had Richard Stallman as one of your users


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