Hi @ all!

I just started to use the Dashboard after the Puppetmaster is running for a
few months already. Now I'm trying to connect the Puppetmaster to the
Dashboard as an ENC , but I do not succeed. I'd be very glad if some of the
"pro's" arround here could help me, please!

I have the following node {} definitions in my site.pp so far:

node "default" {
import "syslog-ng"
import "nrpe"
import "users"
import "puppet-config"

node /^vagrant-/ {
import "vagrant-devs"

node "morgoth.domain.de" {
import "syslog-ng"
import "nrpe"
import "users"

Everything works and every node connecting gets exactly the catalog
rendered and executed which it should.

I imported the existing .yml reports which had collected on the master in
the last months by Dashboard's reports:import rake hook and made the
Dashboard work the queue - all went fine and all of my nodes are now
available in the Dashboard.

Then I tried to add the following to my master's puppet.conf to connect the
master to the Dashboard as ENC:

node_terminus = exec
external_nodes = /opt/puppet-dashboard/bin/external_node

As soon as I do that, no nodes can connect to the master anymore / do not
get their catalog rendered:

morgoth /etc/puppet # puppet agent --debug --verbose --test
err: Could not retrieve catalog from remote server: Error 400 on SERVER:
Could not find node 'morgoth.domain.de'; cannot compile
warning: Not using cache on failed catalog
err: Could not retrieve catalog; skipping run
morgoth /etc/puppet #

When I execute the ENC Script on the shell manually, I get:

morgoth /etc/puppet # /opt/puppet-dashboard/bin/external_node
parameters: {}

classes: []

name: morgoth.domain.de
morgoth /etc/puppet #

As far as I know, this is valid YML Syntax, isn't it? What's missing here?

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