I am trying to install the hiera(-puppet) 1.0 rc's but I am having trouble
installing from source.
The goal is a 3.0 puppet installation with hiera.

The rake file seems to be broken because it fails on the require on the 3rd
What am i missing?

On Wednesday, May 23, 2012 1:39:17 AM UTC+2, Matthaus Litteken wrote:

Hiera-Puppet 1.0.0rc1 is a feature release candidate designed to
accompany Puppet 3.0 and Hiera 1.0.

It includes Puppet functions for hiera and also the puppet backend for
hiera lookups.

Downloads are available:
* Source
* Apt and yum development repositories
* Apple package

It includes contributions from the following people:
Gary Larizza, Hunter Haugen, Kelsey Hightower, Ken Barber, Matthaus
Litteken, and Nan Liu

See the Verifying Puppet Download section at:


Please report feedback via the Puppet Labs Redmine site, using an
affected version of 1.0.0rc1:

Hiera-Puppet 1.0.0rc1 Changelog
Gary Larizza (2):
894a7a4 Fail if a lookup key isn't passed
927de1f Add test coverage for hiera_hash()

Hunter Haugen (1):
632457e Rubygems is not required to use hiera

Kelsey Hightower (2):
48bfccb (#14461) Remove Puppet parser functions
a042de4 Revert "(#14461) Remove Puppet parser functions"

Ken Barber (1):
2df319a (#14124) Load rake tasks directly to fix tests for Ruby

Matthaus Litteken (6):
cb721c5 Add mac packaging to hiera-puppet
64b7375 Move conf to ext directory
4101d02 Add debian packaging for hiera-puppet
470c5c8 Add Redhat packaging to hiera-puppet
5adc454 Add package task to tasks
1138e65 Updating CHANGELOG for hiera-puppet 1.0.0rc1

Nan Liu (1):
eb800e4 (#12037) hiera-puppet should support hash values.
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