I need to install ofed-rpms ( on several cluster nodes, I have used
the install script to generate the rpms (and install them on one of the

Then I put the relevant rpm-files on a local repository, and created a
puppet module for installing them on the nodes (in this module all of the
packages are listed, and I hoped that they would be installed through:

package {
ensure => installed,

(where packagelist contains all the rpms).

However, this does not work, since yum complains when puppet is at work:

"Package libmthca-devel-static is obsoleted by libmthca-static, trying to
install libmthca-static-1.0.6-2.el6.x86_64 instead"

Here libmthca-static-1.0.6-2 is included in the centos-6.2 repository, and
I don't want this to be installed, but rater
the libmthca-devel-static-1.0.5-0.1 from the ofed-stack.

That is, the problem here is that that some of the packages in the local
(ofed-build) repository are older that the ones in the standard
centos-repositories, I tried to circumvent this by put a higher priority on
the local repository, but this does not help.

There is probably a more clever way of doing this (could run the install
script on all the nodes, but I would prefer to incorporate it in puppet).

Hints would be appreciated.



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