Hi all,

Just FYI. I've just renamed some of the modules that are stored as
github repos in our Github organisation
(http://github.com/puppetlabs/) to use the puppetlabs-<module_name>
convention so we can get a bit of consistency. The following changes
were made:

puppet-lvm -> puppetlabs-lvm
puppet-sudo -> puppetlabs-sudo
puppet-vcsrepo -> puppetlabs-vcsrepo
puppet-apt -> puppetlabs-apt
puppet-postgres -> puppetlabs-postgres
puppet-dhcp -> puppetlabs-dhcp
puppet-sysctl -> puppetlabs-sysctl
puppet-sqlite3 -> puppetlabs-sqlite3
puppet-pxe -> puppetlabs-pxe
puppet-inetd -> puppetlabs-inetd
puppet-cups -> puppetlabs-cups
puppet-concat -> puppetlabs-concat

This one I renamed differently however to match the type name (note
the underscore):

puppet-external-resource -> puppetlabs-external_resource

So if you have any of these checked out anywhere, you may want to
update your git remotes.

Let me know if you see a direct problem with this, or if I have missed
any. Thanks :-).


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