I try to use static compiler, but it make an error when I change a file
on the master.
I think the static compiler search the new md5 on the clientbucket but
he doesn't find it (it's normal: file has changed).
Why the client doesn't search the file on the master ?

My trace:
12:48:29 PM 604030151 /usr/share/ruby/puppet/parameter.rb:165:in `fail'
12:48:29 PM 605227458 /usr/share/ruby/puppet/type/file/content.rb:227:in
`rescue in read_file_from_filebucket'
12:48:29 PM 606471710 /usr/share/ruby/puppet/type/file/content.rb:222:in
12:48:29 PM 607719655 /usr/share/ruby/puppet/type/file/content.rb:181:in
12:48:29 PM 665537013 err:
/Stage[main]/Puppet/File[/etc/puppet/puppet.conf]: Could not evaluate:
Could not retrieve content for {md5}b9fb1e4ef3aadd49b9ff63b5a0b8caae
from filebucket:
File not found at

The catalog:
- &id945 !ruby/object:Puppet::Relationship
source: *id052
target: &id286 !ruby/object:Puppet::Resource
catalog: *id001
exported: false
file: /etc/puppet/production/modules/puppet/manifests/init.pp
line: 29
!ruby/sym owner: puppet
!ruby/sym group: puppet
!ruby/sym mode: "644"
!ruby/sym require: "Package[puppet]"
!ruby/sym backup: puppet
!ruby/sym ensure: file
!ruby/sym content: "{md5}b9fb1e4ef3aadd49b9ff63b5a0b8caae"
!ruby/sym checksum: md5
reference: "File[/etc/puppet/puppet.conf]"

If I add the following lines in lib/puppet/type/file/content.rb it work.

rescue => detail
+ # search on master filebucket
+ dipper = Puppet::FileBucket::Dipper.new(:Server => Puppet[:server])
+ dipper.getfile(sum)
+ rescue => detail
fail "Could not retrieve content for #{should} from filebucket:

It's a bug or I have something wrong ?


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