I'm working in a Puppet environment (0.22.1) that I didn't setup. It's
working pretty well but there's one thing that confuses me.

/etc/puppet/manifests/site.pp has the following lines:

filebucket { main: server => "server1.example.com" }
File { backup => main }

On server1.example.com I see /var/lib/puppet/bucket so these lines
appear to be working.

Here's my main question. On the puppet clients I see
/var/lib/puppet/clientbucket. I don't understand why changes
are appearing in both /var/lib/puppet/bucket on the puppetmaster
and in /var/lib/puppet/clientbucket on the clients. The file names
in these directories are different so I can't see if the puppetmaster
bucket contains the files from all the clients. For example, on the
puppetmaster in /var/lib/puppet/bucket I see a directory called
061d9ee45f034115f696fb360d596bf8 that contains 2 files, "contents"
and "paths". On a puppet client I see
(I don't see a directory 1d2384945d99573319318c4b4109f15b on the

The reason I'm asking all this is because I want to turn off saving
of changed files on both the puppetmaster and the clients. Can I just
remove the 2 lines from site.pp I show above? I'm concerned that
clientbucket will remain on the clients.

Finally, in those lines from site.pp what does "main" mean? In
there is a sample resource definition that also contains
"backup => main" but it doesn't answer this question.
I'm guessing that it just means the puppetmaster server but
it would be nice to see the official definition.

Jon Forrest

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