I'm trying to define a static media server that uses a common website
layout (e.g. with directories `etc/`, `log/`, `html/`, etc.), as well as an
nginx config that will get included into a host-wide nginx config. The
site's nginx config needs to make use of the doc root that gets defined by
the declared `layouts::website` resource.

So, what I'd like to do is something like this:

class sites::static ($sites_dir) {

$domain = "static.example.com"

layouts::website {$domain:
base_dir => $sites_dir,
name => $domain,

nginx::siteconfig {$domain:
domain => $domain,
doc_root => $layouts::website[$domain]::doc_root,

Which could then be used by declaring:

class {'sites::static': sites_dir => "/opt/sites"}

However, the above fails because the `$layouts::website[$domain]::doc_root`
part is invalid. I've tried various alternatives here, unsuccessfully.

From what I've read thus far, it seems that what I'm asking for is not
possible (though I would be interested in any pointers to discussion on the
topic if this is something that's been suggested before). Any suggestions
on how can I accomplish the stated goal of using a base layout that then
needs to be used by various bits that will populate content within that
base layout?


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