Hello everybody. After several days going in circles and following the
explanations of the book Pro-Puppet and docs.puppetlabs.com/dashboard/
manual/1.2/bootstrapping.html (Using Dashboard for Node
Clssification), I find myself unable to explain why I cannot move

This is where I am at the moment:

Master RHEL 6.2
Test nodes: 5.8 with same Puppet version.
No firewall, no SELinux
Puppet Server 2.7.13
Puppet Dashboard 1.2.7 running in port 80, no SSL
Both working fine under passenger, if I use node_terminus = plain

I can only use the Dashboard for reporting. It can see the nodes'
facts too.

What I cannot do:

* Assign classes to nodes (the classes tab is not even there).

* Load the existing nodes and modules from site.pp file >> I expected
this to be trivial, it is not apparently.

*Use Dashboard as external node classifier.

If I enable 'node_terminus exec' and 'external_nodes = /usr/bin/env
PUPPET_DASHBOARD_URL=http://puppetserver.mydomain.com /usr/share/

In external node I have changed:

The DASHBOARD_URL to point to http://puppetserver.mydomain.com (i
tried including the port as well)
The certs are pointing to existing puppetserver certs.

If I enable all this and run a test from a node, I get that:

Could not retrieve catalog from remote server: Error 400 on SERVER:
Could not find node 'testnode.mydomain.com' ; cannot compile.

If I run it manually from the master:

sudo -u puppet = /usr/bin/env PUPPET_DASHBOARD_URL=http://
puppetserver.mydomain.com /usr/share/puppet-dashboard/bin/external-

Then I get:
Error 403 Forbidden
Node Classification has been disabled


What I was expecting:

1. Puppet Dashboard to 'see' what it is in plain site.pp and import it
into the nodes list, and from there move on and be able to use both
sources of information as the node classifier. As I understand in the

"You can use Dashboard's external node classifier (ENC) alongside
traditional Puppet DSL definitions."

What am I missing?

2. Puppet Dashbord to load modules classes from a given module path in
puppet.conf. Again, if puppet agent can do this, why doesn't the
Dashboard do it too?

Would it be naive to say that what I was expecting was to be able to
discover nodes and classes, add nodes, add groups, collect and view
reports from the dashboard, and keep my site.pp where I have nodes
with parametrized classes and also keep editing my modules from the
command line and vi and i have done so far?

I would appreciate your replies.



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