Hi Puppet Users,

Puppet Version - v2.7.13
Ruby Version - ruby 1.8.7 (2010-08-16 patchlevel 302) [i486-linux]

I am trying to use the Puppetlabs DHCP module (https://github.com/puppetlabs/puppet-dhcp) to setup a DHCP server on one of my nodes.

I have followed the example in the readme.md file in my node declaration for the server (extracted part below)

class { 'dhcp':
dnsdomain => ['dev.ifoley.local', '200.168.192.in-addr.arpa'],
nameservers => ['', ''],
ntpservers => ['titanium.ifoley.local', 'core.dev.ifoley.local'],
interfaces => ['eth0'],

### dhcp::pool Define the pool attributes

dhcp::pool{ 'dev.ifoley.local':
network => '',
mask => '',
range => '',
gateway => '',

To confirm everything is working I then try to manually initiate a puppet run

puppet apply -v /etc/puppet/manifests/nodes/core.dev.ifoley.local.pp

Which spits out an error message:

Failed to parse template dhcp/dhcpd.conf.erb: private method `split' called for :undef:Symbol at /etc/puppet/modules/dhcp/manifests/init.pp:46 on node core.dev.ifoley.local

In the template (https://github.com/puppetlabs/puppet-dhcp/blob/master/templates/dhcpd.conf.erb) there is only one location that uses a split method which is on the dnsupdatekey. As you can see from the above class definition for dhcp I have not passed a dnsupdatekey.

I currently do not have DNS setup for Dynamic Updates so do not want to configure the DHCP server to update DNS.

The code that uses the split function should not be executed because it is protected by test to confirm that it is not undefined. My question is am I doing something wrong?



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