Hello everybody,

OpenCV4Android development team has some news!

*This Group*

1. We've renamed the group to the OpenCV4Android, because this is how
everybody calls the library. You can see it at the issue tracker:
So, from this time we recommend you to use this name, or O4A as a short
2. OpenCV project is going to get its own Stackoverflow-like Q&A forum
by the end of the April (for sure). That means that we'll suggest to move
there as much discussions as possible. Many discussions here are not
Android specific, so better to invite larger audience for brainstorming.
And you know, reputation and voting mechanisms are beneficial to everybody.
We are going to build much larger and healthier community of CV
developers. We are not sure if we're going to maintain this group. May be
we'll use it for discussing the future of the library, but may be we'll
stick to the issue tracker <http://code.opencv.org/projects/opencv> and
its infrastructure. Please share your thoughts on this!

*OpenCV 2.4 release is coming!*

1. 2.4 beta will be released<http://code.opencv.org/projects/opencv/wiki/ChangeLog>this week. Linux tarball is already
available <http://sourceforge.net/projects/opencvlibrary/>, packages for
other OSes are coming, including Android. You're invited to participate in
2. OpenCV 2.4 stable will be released by the May 1, so please reserve
some time for beta-testing. You can help us to get a stable release for
another couple of months.
3. We haven't decide when we're going to release the OpenCV 2.5.
Currently we release new versions every ~6 months, but we're discussing the
switch to the quarterly releases. So, it may be October, or it may be July.
You can share you opinion on this issue, what is better from your point of
view: "release often and early" or to "provide rare but solid packages".

Happy hacking with OpenCV!

OpenCV4Android Dev Team

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