I am working on a linear algebra Node.js addon (written in C++) and I want
to be able to save to and read from disk all objects I exposed.

For example, v = la.load(fs.open("vector.out", "r-")); would load a vector
object I previously saved with v.save(fs.open("vector.out", "r+"));. (I'm
making it up --- the point is I want the user to pass a Node.js object for
File I/O on the Javascript side, and use that object to load/save my object
on the C++ side.)

My question(s):

    1. How do I access Node.js's FileSystem objects from the C++ side? (On
    the Javascript side user passes a fs object to my load function and I
    want to extract file descriptor from that object.)
    2. How do Node.js addons typically solve this? Any tips?
    3. Examples, if available, are more than welcome.

(Note: Reposted this from StackOverflow in the hope for any answers.)

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