This seems like a common enough scenario that their is probably already a
module for it, so I'm asking before I start writing one :).

Given a generic free form text search input on a webpage I would like to
have it converted over to a query to be executed against my data. My
target is MongoDB like query instructions, but doesn't have to be MongoDB
as could easily transform it again.

Something like:

foo and bar

might result in something like:

   $or: [
     {name: /foo and bar/i},
     {description: /foo and bar/i},
     {$and: [
       {name: /foo/i},
       {name: /bar/i},
     {$and: [
       {description: /foo/i},
       {description: /bar/i},

Has anyone already done something similar that is out there and easy to
include, or is this something that still needs to be created?

  - Jeremy

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