I have create a application where we have list and we are adding the items
inside the list.

When we are creating new list and trying to add the items in the list ,
items are not retaining instantly , but when we tried to refresh the page
we can see items in list.

But after the refresh the page when we tried to add some more item in list
we can see items instantly.

The issue seem to look with meteor reactivity , we have trace all the
session variable which are reactive by natures. But did not get any luck to
resolve this issue.

It seem that when new action item is created in new list , the following
steps are executing

a. local cache update -> UI render by local cache ->Call goes to Mongo
database -> Data is saving (But some exception is coming) -> meteor send
error-> Local cache update to its previous version-> Local UI get revert
(This error does not occur for existing List)

Please provide suggestion advice to resolve this issue, any suggestion
would be appreciate.

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