Just wondering your thoughts on this.

I have a website (developed in PHP backend + backbone) that occasionally
gets loaded with DB requests (Mysql). The server (Apache) stalls when this

I was wondering if I could benefit using Node.js together with Apache in
the following way.

Apache: serving HTML + JS files.
Node.js: database connections

I heard about the non-blocking nature of Node.js. But migrating everything
to Node.js is not a feasible task right now.

So I thought of installing Node.js and use it along with Apache, and just
have the URL of the models and collections. I will keep using the current
files making up the site structure while delegating all DB connections to
Node.js enpoints.

For example:

var ModelForNode = Backbone.Model.extend({urlRoot: "

This way I would use Apache to server static files and setup Node.js for
doing DB operations, which are the most resource consuming and that block
the entire web server when under heavy load.

What are your thoughts.

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