*Hi there,

I would like to ask you some big questions all related to a subject of work
which I’ve been using for 8 months already. We are calling it “organic”
(`we`, because the main concept spawned during a hackaton at our local
hackespace - varnalab).

Organic solves atm high degree of complex problems all related to
web/distributed/scalable & collaborative team development.

We wanted to make stable apps faster. We're fed up with the current
development concepts with nodejs and rails-like “monstrous” frameworks.

We don't want to make workarounds and/or to vendor-lock ourselves on using
one framework or another, so that's why we stepped back and turned our eyes
to nature... From there we extracted "patterns" how nature is evolving and
how we could apply them in our day-to-day tasks even without a framework.

Your webapp is basically starting as a Cell so when you push code to it, it
can evolve :)
Furthermore the Cell can be split into parts, they all could form a system
of cells (which can horizontally scale and leverage cluster features). And
so on. Leave your imagination wild free here... :)

What is `organic`? It is documented so far here:

I guess the provided info is still not enough to evaluate the full
capacities on the subject, but at least it is a good starter to begin with.

Everything is at a first glance quite strange, but also it is the most
natural thing which I’ve seen so far. And results taken are more than
promising, here is what it is atm:

i.e. we produced 6 web based systems within 8 months. All of them based on
organic patterns and stable enough to be usable every day.

Based on the above I would like to ask you guys:
Does it worth the efforts to continue forward? Any kind of feedback and/or
criticism is more than welcome here or at boris@camplight.net . This
letter’s main intent is to battle test `organic` concept, so don’t be shy :)


PS. Thanks to all nodejs contributors, creators, maintainers and people who
run the node ecosystem overall, organic is nothing, but the abstract form
of that.

tl;dr - 'Organic' needs some feedback so you may can pick up your chisel
and start breaking it up and give your opinion. You can find the initial
and see some links about the

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