I have a project which has a go server and a python client to that go
server. As part of my integration tests, I will start the go server, hit
the go server from the python client with some pre-defined inputs and check
the output for known values.

For some reasons, these tests cannot be unit tests as the python client
needs to talk with some other services too (such as a database).

During every commit / PR to the go server, I want to run the end-to-end
test of the go-server receiving requests from the python client. I also
want to ensure that the coverage percent for this end-to-end integration
test, for the go server, does not go below a value I need (say 90%). Also
this integration test will run as part of a CI infrastructure (such as
travis/jenkins) if it matters.

Is there any solution to measure the coverage percentage of a code
execution, while using the `go run` using some well known instrumentation
best practices ?

Also, I am curios if there are any gRPC projects which does automated tests
across languages (go server and a client in any of those half-a-dozen

Any help will be appreciated.



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