Hi everyone,

For a while, I've wanted to provide semi-official builds of various Go
versions for various Ubuntu releases. I've finally glued the bits
together and have uploaded alpha versions of the packages to a PPA:


As the subject says, there are packages for Go from 1.4 through to tip
for supported and development versions of Ubuntu. The packages do not
install anything to the default $PATH, but rather install things to
/usr/lib/go-1.X, e.g. /usr/lib/go-1.7/bin/go. This means you can
install as many versions as you want and switch between them by just
switching the go binary you invoke.

There is no Go 1.7 package for xenial/amd64 yet because tests fail,
this is https://github.com/golang/go/issues/14602

The packages have not received much testing at all, so all feedback is welcomed!

If the packages seem to work, I'll probably create separate PPAs for
releases, betas/rcs and "daily"[1] snapshots.

[1] The bits and pieces needed for truly automatic daily builds are
not all in place yet, so they are only built on demand currently.

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