In case anyone wants them, I made some encodings (suitable for use with
golang.org/x/text/encoding & transform.Transform) available:


Self tests are included.

I've used these in real circumstances, apart from EBCDIC. The EBCDIC code
was written using the wikipedia reference page -- hopefully that page is

This also includes a custom Charmap type that can be used to quickly create
encodings for other 8-bit character sets. Using this, I created the 8859-9
mapping in just a couple of minutes, for example.

I'd be willing to work to adjust these for integration into the Go standard
library proper, but I first wanted them in a package where I could use them
right away. (My internals are a little different for a variety of reasons,
but they are still reasonably performant.) If folks want to see that
effort, give me a ping back and I'll try to find time to make it happen.
  (I've not landed any code in any of the core Go repos yet, so, there may
be some process stuff around that for me to learn -- if it's not just as
simple as git PR.)

  - Garrett

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