I'm not too familiar with the build process for the toolchain, but now that
an existing toolchain is required in order to compile the toolchain, would
it be possible to remove all of the bash, rc, and batch scripts and replace
them with a Go 'script' that could be run with `go run all.go`? I think
there are some good benefits to this. For one thing, it would mean that
there would be only one script to keep track of for all platforms. It might
even be possible to remove the need for GOROOT_BOOTSTRAP, since an existing
toolchain should know where its own GOROOT is.

If there's interest but no one wants to devote time to it, I'm willing to
do so at some point. I can't guaruntee I'll get to it too quickly, but
there's no way this would make it into Go 1.5 anyways, so there's not much

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