Hello, world

I like to fiddle with programming languages at www.metaprogramming.ninja and
I come before you guys/gals today to try and get your opinion on a
concurrent extension.
My intention is not to compare it to go as they are completely different
(my little thing is Actor based, for starters) but to try and connect with
devs interested in concurrency.

So, the goods:

Santa with a creature producer <http://xslang.azurewebsites.net/#/project/8>
Santa with individual creatures
Dining Philosophers <http://xslang.azurewebsites.net/#/project/6>.
Starving Philosophers. <http://xslang.azurewebsites.net/#/project/7>
Barbers. <http://xslang.azurewebsites.net/#/project/10>
Multiple readers, single writer.

These are some classic examples that you can play with online (feel free to
change them and recompile, but the changes won't persist), all samples run
on 3 threads and
I hope they don't go crashy crash. Please let me know what you think, I
have found it is much more difficult to get opinions than to write the
actual code :)


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