In order to test a server that I am writing, I want to be able to start and
stop it in the testing framework.

To do so, I am hoping I can integrate the context package in with the
http.Server struct. I want to be able to stop the server when I call the
`Done` function and the `ctx.Done()` channel returns something.

What I would love to do would be to just modify the http.Server.Serve()
to accept a context.Context and check if it is done, on each iteration of
the for loop, like this:

(srv *contextServer) Serve(ctx context.Context, l net.Listener) error {
  defer l.Close()
  var tempDelay time.Duration // how long to sleep on accept failure
  for {
  select {
  case <-ctx.Done():
  return nil
  rw, e := l.Accept()
  ... rest is the same as original

However it seems like if I wanna add that check inside the for loop, I
would have to rewrite a lot of the methods, because this method calls other
private methods (like http.server.srv), which in turn call other private

I also notice that the for loop will stop when the Accept() method on the
listener returns an error.

However, I can't seem to figure out a way to get a listener to output an
error from it's accept method without accessing its private methods as well.

It seems like I am doing something very stupid and wrong if I have to copy
and paste half the http library just to let the server stop using the
context package.

I know there are lots of solutions around for supporting context canceling
for the ServeHTTP function, but that isn't what I am talking about. I wanna
pass a context to the whole server, not just to each incoming request.

Is this just impossible?

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