Hey Gohpers,

I wanted to share with you a project I've recently written -
https://github.com/rjeczalik/gh. It consists of two parts - a webhook
package [0] which allows you to create event handler service in the form of
a middleware, and webhook command [1], which basically serves the same
purpose, but you can script it with Go templates instead.

The wiring structures for JSON payloads which GitHub uses for delivering
events were auto-generated from their documentation, so in case you find
any out-of-date or invalid struct, you can dump JSON with the -debug flag
of the webhook tool, put the files in testdata/ directory and re-generate
payload definitions with go generate. I welcome any PR you might have on

I appreciate your feedback!

[0] https://godoc.org/github.com/rjeczalik/gh/webhook
[1] https://godoc.org/github.com/rjeczalik/gh/cmd/webhook


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