Hi guys,

i see that exists several testing frameworks for golang but i read also
that the language is so flexible that those are effectively not necessary
(most of the time). For that reason i want to go much deeper in order to
better understand how to change a method implementation during a test case
o several test cases.

i know that if i have a struct with an attached method i can override it
directly during my tests, like:

package mypack

type Eg struct {


func (e Eg)MyMethod() error {

And in my test i do something like:

package mypack

func (e Eg)MyMethod() {
   return nil

func TestMethodOverride(t *testing.T) {
   e Eg

   if e.MyMethod() != nil {

Now my point is, there is a way to override the method directly during the
test operation in order to try different scenarios?

func TestAllGoesFine(t *testing.T) {
   // ... method override Eg.MyMethod with nil as error

func TestWithError(t *testing.T) {
   // ... method override Eg.Method with Error.New("A failure")

Any advice?


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