Thank you for such a nice project!!
I am new in programming area and have a problem.

How can create scroll bar using this gform project?

I used code to create simple GUI from your example, then I imported 'w32'
and added this line to my code:

gform.ToggleyStyle(mainWindow.Handle(), true, w32.WS_VSCROLL)

When I run my program it shows vertical scrollbar (only when I change size
of window) but this scrollbar doesn't work properly.
It doesn't scroll page down. It is like a picture and that is all.

So, what is wrong here? What should I do here?

I will appreciate any help, advices or comment. I don't know what to do
Thank you

четверг, 22 сентября 2011 г., 15:17:44 UTC+3 пользователь AllenDang написал:
After four months intermittent development, I'm glad to announce my
second project for Go -- gform. As it's name tells, an easy to use
Windows GUI toolkit.

The idea of this project is to create some simple but handy tools with
my favorite language Go, so the design objective is very straight
forward, simple, very easy to understand and convenient to use. In
fact, it only contains a thin wrapper of win32 APIs.

Below is my initial road map of this project.
Stage 1. Provide the same capability with win32 API does. Standard
controls, menu, toolbar, common dialogs.
Stage 2. Integrate with "image" package (I'm not sure whether "image"
is capable, if not, GDI may become the only choice), provide
customizable control.
Stage 3. Layout management like anchor and dock.
Stage 4. High performance drawing library integration, like OpenGL or
Stage 5. Animation support.

Currently I'm in the middle of stage 1. Dream is beautiful, I will try
to keep it on track!

Below is two samples to demonstrate.

1. Create UI with pure code

mainWindow := gform.NewForm(nil)
mainWindow.SetPos(300, 100)
mainWindow.SetSize(500, 300)
mainWindow.SetCaption("Controls Demo")

btn := gform.NewPushButton(mainWindow)
btn.SetPos(10, 10)



2. Create dialog in resource file and attach to it.

dialog := gform.NewFormFromTemplate(nil, w32.MakeIntResource(101))

edt = gform.AttachEdit(dialog, 1000)

btn := gform.AttachPushButton(dialog, 2)

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