Hi Gophers

I meet a strange problem when I optimize LedisDB one client get
performance. The get flow likes below:

1, read key from socket
2, get data with key from RocksDB
3, write data to socket

all the data size is 4k.

First I try to benchmark only network handling without db, just read key
from socket then write 4k data to socket, the RPS is about 12k.
Then I benchmark only db get, just get data from rocksdb, the RPS is about

As you see, for the above results, if I combine network + db, the RPS may
be 1 / (1/12 + 1/60) , about 10k RPS or a little less. But to my surprise,
the RPS is only 6k.

I let some people help me do the same benchmark and they get the same

I doubted this was the problem for rocksdb, so I created an issue here
https://github.com/facebook/rocksdb/issues/383. I got some help but had no
I used go pprof and found the the most cpu was on cgo calling rocksdb get
function and syscall reading/writing socket.

I tried many ways to find why and optimize but had little effect badly.

Does anyone meet this problem, or give me some advice where to begin?

Thank you.

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