I have reintroduced aes*-cbc ciphers into the ssh library, based on older
patches here: https://codereview.appspot.com/5342057/, specifically
patchset 6. I require these block ciphers such that I can connect to older
Cisco networking equipment for configuration monitoring; much of this
equipment can't be upgraded.

These block ciphers are known to be insecure, so in my implementation thus
far they are disabled by default, and must be requested through the
ssh.Config structure as follows:
         sshConfig := ssh.ClientConfig{
                 User: opts.Username,
Auth: []ssh.AuthMethod{ ...auth stuff... },
                 Config: ssh.Config{
                         Ciphers: ssh.AllSupportedCiphers(), // include cbc

At the moment, this change re-introduces more readPacket()/writePacket()
routines for use with block ciphers; the rest is minor refactoring and
plumbing code in order to have stream ciphers and block ciphers using the
appropriate readPacket/writePacket pairs.

Is this approach sound? Any comments/criticisms are appreciated. It would
be nice to merge this back to the go.crypto mainline.

Code change thus far is
here: https://code.google.com/r/marksheahan-sshblock/source/detail?r=4b0b9c4a2d4ea9d06849724fe8f7391107e35274


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