I've been hacking some RPC in Go recently.

I've found the following troublesome:
- setup rpc.Server with a given codec and custom path,
- setup connection to a server with codec.

No way to get connection because estabilshing is enclosed in Dial which
returns *rpc.Client

It may or not make sense to change rpc lib to include new function:

   func NewConnection(network, address, path string) (net.Conn, error)

Which would be just extracted connection extablishing from
rpc.DialHTTPPath. This would allow an easy creation of jsonrpc codec (and
others in future).

The other change I propose is modifying: rpc.Service to keep a codec
(factory?). Right now it uses rpc.gobServerCodec.

If any of the above is out of interest, can we at least make rpc.connected
variable exported?

Attaching my experiment file and Gist:

I found Go libraries out-of-the-shelf solutions for many tasks and I think
this usecase could be easily added.

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